A Quick Reminder

Sometimes I’m bad or unclear in many ways and it is due to ADD that Glenn Beck got rid of with a Snickers bar which bounced off of a fat German guy in his basement and hits me daily.

The Blovel series, the Day the Dollar Died will resume next Wednesday, December 16, 2009.  The next chapter is titled:

“CQ, CQ, Atlanta, Birmingham, is Anybody out there?” (The Day the Dollar Died Part VIII)

I’ll keep cranking it out weekly from there but I have another project to work on at the same time. In the interim, look for a “Footnotes” posting with links to all of the stories that I’ve viewed in the past two years (at least as many as I still have bookmarked).

I hope everyone has been enjoying it and I think you’ll really enjoy the next chapter.




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8 responses to “A Quick Reminder

  1. greenacr

    John – Looking forward to the 16th and the next installment. Keep up the good work. You and Paul Revere have a lot in common.

  2. koios

    Birmingham, Birmingham, Greatest City in Al-a-Bam
    You can travel all over this great big land
    There ain’t no place like Birmingham.

    Got a wife who’s named Marie
    We live in a 3 room house with a pepper tree
    Work in a factory all day
    But that’s alright with me
    Got a big black dog his name is Dan
    Lives in mah back yard in Birmingham
    Meanest dog in Al-a-bam
    Get ’em Dan

    Birmingham, Birmingham, Greatst City in Al-a-bam
    You can travel all over thsi great big
    There ain’t no place like Birmingham

    ..with apologies to R. Newman

  3. Casey

    The 16th, eh?

    …it’s going to be a Long week.

  4. Since John will be busy doing his thing, any person that cares to stay in communication with visitors to this site you can do so here:


    This is but one of my now unused Google groups which allows communication on a real time basis, no approval of post necessary once you are a member, you can read the traffic, post your own stuff or comment on others posts. You can visit the site without becomming a member but you must join to engage in posting and also to receive all post emailed to you directly.

    Go to the site and I will approve you within 24 hours. All existing activity is old but you can look anyway.

    Jim ODonnell

    PS: Koios, I am in Cullman, Alabama just 50 miles north of y’all up I-65, and am a fan of the group Alabama, this is a fitting song of their’s for todays happenings and also where you want to be “When It All Goes South”:

  5. JR

    must. publish. sooooner. 🙂 Keep up the good work. Thanks John!

  6. Administrator

    Jim, I’ll still be posting. I just will be issuing the Blovel series one week at a time…Lots of news to cover tonight…maybe even an OBAMARKET UPDATE!

  7. koios

    Jim O, I am in Blowing Rock, NC (pop. 1,500). Bammer MBA per Lonnie Strickland & Art Thompson, when they taught you the true crap about the fallacy of the 1973-4 gas fiasco. That could be done back then.

    I’ll link & you tube this weekend. Sold my condo in Charlotte 2 yrs ago. Fired all the legal wetbacks, sadly.

    Discovered that it works. The Meskins lie about their language abilities. Catch them at it and you can withstand the unemployment people.

  8. Jonathan


    Been very very much enjoying your serialization. Excellent, excellent stuff.

    Many thanks,