Security for Liberty for All (The Day The Dollar Died Part VII)

by John Galt

December 7, 2009

First a brief commentary. I want to personally thank everyone who has forwarded, copied, reposted, and promoted this web site and the series as it exists today. I was not attempting to present a “professionally written” speculative series novel online (also called a ‘blovel’ I have learned) but rather a series of stories that tied the reality of what could happen to the average person.  While many people view this as a potentially good novel to proceed with, I’ll take a pause on this matter and simply remind people of why I wrote this:

To make you and I  think about the future.

What mistakes will the powers in charge make? How does this reality set in on the average household? Will America survive? What will the world do to us in retaliation? What do I need to do to get my house in order and survive the insanity?

Those questions and I am sure thousands of others come to mind. I know that it seems somewhat insane to consider this story as a potential reality but in my book, all stories have some merit, except maybe those with the Mad Max twist and shout angles that I do not believe will occur in the short to intermediate term and are only possible should there be an all out war in the world we live in. Instead,  I fear we will live in the world of a bifurcated dollar where the rest of the world decouples from the United States in an effort to survive the collapse of the empire we have created. Pax Americana could indeed lead to a resurgence in or ascendancy within the nations of Asia, led by China and crossing the Steppes, much like the Mongolian hordes did a millennium ago. Thus I continue this series and shall start one new chapter every Wednesday so I can continue focusing on every event and finishing another work at the same time.

I hope you enjoy this blovel and continue to provide feedback as you see fit. There is no right or wrong, only opinion as everything from this point forward is FICTION…..

February 24, 2010 10:55 A.M. Eastern Time

Lillian was sipping coffee by the cash register when Sandy ran back inside and yelled “Mama, I need your help with the State Patrol.” Lillian carefully placed the cup down and complemented the cashier on her courtesy and understanding, realizing that this could well be the last cup of coffee she got from her favorite restaurant for a long time to come. As she approached her somewhat bedraggled daughter the trooper was getting his report book out and starting to interview his daughter. The trooper started to speak in that South Georgia drawl to Sandy, “Ma’am, I hate to say this, but you really shouldn’t be this far from home ’cause their aren’t any gas stations open with fifty miles of here and I’m not sure if I can help you.” Sandy looked somewhat distraught at her mother who asked the most basic question that anyone could have and should have asked of the officer; “Sir, do you happen to have any spare gas that I can purchase from you?” Sandy looked relieved until the officer snapped at both them in a very firm voice “We can’t spare a drop at this point in time. There is too much going on and I have spent enough time on a case that will never be processed. We are only working major felonies, monetary crimes and area enforcement cases at this time.” Lillian had heard this before as her mother had to deal with the rations manager in the small town of Adel during the big war. Lillian  batted her eyes in that adoring grandmother pose and looked into the trooper’s eyes as she said “Sonny, I’ll give you all my money, forty bucks, if you can just spare five gallons so she can get home. I promise that she’ll drop me off west of town and then head on to her house.”

The trooper, exhausted after twenty hours of solid duty, nodded, popped open his trunk and handed Sandy a full five gallon can from one of the six he had in his trunk and then looked over at the smiling little old lady and said “Ma’am, you can keep your money. It’s not worth a thing anyways. Y’all need to get home, lock the doors and hunker down for a few days until this thing sorts out. Hopefully they’ll get the grocery stores and banks open in a few days.”  Sandy snapped right back in a submissive voice, “Sir I promise you, we’ll go to her house, pick up some supplies and lock up at my house. I promise!” The trooper nodded and Lillian smiled and handed him a small gold ring on her pinky and whispered into his ear “Sonny, God Bless you. I have had a full life and now I have my daughter for whatever is next because of you. Take this as a token of thanks, it isn’t much but we’re all going to need real money for what is next.” The officer smiled, kissed her on the cheek and ducked into his car to hear the radio call “10-34 in progress, all units near Pitts Shell off Highway 54 in Peachtree City respond immediately. Officer is down on scene and requesting assistance.” He confirmed the call, slammed the door and peeled out of the parking lot lights and siren blazing away. Sandy was finishing up pouring the gas into her car and looked up at her Mama and tearfully said “I wish I was as strong as you Mama!” Lillian could tell her daughter was upset by today’s events and looked back at her with a reassuring smile with the words only a mother could say, “You’ll be stronger than ever after this honey, that’s a promise.”

February 24, 2010 12:00 P.M. Central Time

Mike’s phone rang as if almost on schedule, except instead of his dispatcher being on the company phone, it was the Federal Department of Transportation. The voice on the other end was quite blunt “Unit 1204, Mike Elmendorff, is this you on the  line?” Mike hesitated and replied, “Yes, it is me, can you please identify yourself?” The female voice blurted out “This is Sandra Tillens with FDOT calling all truckers currently with foodstuffs on their trailers under dispatch in the Minnesota district. According to the information submitted by your company on Pro number 47762IBP1011 you have approximately 15,000 lbs. of boxed frozen pork destined for Duluth Meat Supply in Duluth, MN.” The hesitation in Mike’s voice turned into concern when he told her “Your information is correct. How can I help you?” Ms. Tillens replied sternly “You are hereby instructed to deliver this order to Superior Cold Storage at 1123 Mullins Avenue in St. Cloud, Minnesota at 0400 in the morning. We will send an escort from the State Police to insure you arrive safely.” Mike’s blood pressure hit a boiling point by now as he was not in any mood to be dictated to after all that has happened in the last seventy-two hours. “And Missy, when do I get paid for hauling this load and will I get my fuel reimbursement my jack ass dispatcher said I would get when I spent my own money to keep this unit running for the last two days?” She was not going to take any huff from the old driver “Sir, you are under orders as this load has been transferred to FEMA for redistribution. You can fulfill this delivery and contact your company on Monday about settlements which will be processed by the state of Minnesota or we can send a unit with the proper escort to take the trailer from you and deliver it back to you when we are finished unloading it or a time of our choosing.”

Mike knew he was licked, “Ma’am, I will be there at 0400. For your sake, I hope my wife is safe while I am gone.” The lady hung up at that point and Mike called grabbed his personal cell phone to try to get in touch with Deputy Monckton. “Jack, I need a huge favor” Mike asked when he picked up the phone. “Mike, I’m in no position to do anything. We’ve been issued full body armor and I have roadblock duty with a National Guard unit out at 210 and 75 north of Breckenridge. I can’t do a thing to help you old friend” Jack replied. “Damnit man, my wife is going to be all alone tomorrow and I fear that those nuts we heard on the interstate are still around!” Mike said somewhat exasperated. Jack paused and said “Mike, I wouldn’t sweat it. You’re going to have an escort and anyone caught out after dark without proper authorization is shot on sight. This is the old days new again old buddy, just like the crap sandwiches we ate in ’70 in the jungle. I’ve got to go, we’re mounting up now to get into position before dark. I’ll call you on Friday or Saturday when we’re relieved.” Mike said his goodbyes and walked into the other room where his wife was sitting looking at him with that glare that only a woman you’ve known for years could give. She started speaking before Mike said a word as he started to open his mouth and told him “Just leave me a pistol and a shotgun. And you had best identify yourself mister when you knock at the door or I’ll blow your butt away.” Mike smiled, walked over and hugged his wife and whispered in her ear “I love you baby. I’ll leave you the 357 and I’ll take the peashooter. You’re the greatest.”

February 24, 2010 3:00 P.M. ET

“This is the Voice Of America Domestic News Service, welcome to the afternoon update from Washington, D.C.” the voice boomed over the television. I turned the volume up because some information was better than none at all and I needed to find out anything about what was happening in the world beyond the canned garbage coming out of the radio. At the conclusion of the five minute update, of all things, CNBC returned to “normal” programming except that instead of the afternoon market update, it was a bizarre studio setting with a very exhausted looking Federal Reserve Chairman about to be interviewed by Maria Bartiromo. For this, I had to stay tuned in and called my wife into the room to watch the show as this could set the course for years for this nation.

Maria Bartiromo: “Good afternoon Chairman Bernanke and welcome to the Voice of America’s Business Report. ”

Stunned, I immediately did what about half the nation did and hit the “INFO” button on my remote control to insure that yes, I was on Channel 39 and the Comcast ID did say “CNBC” so I guess the insanity I was witnessing was not about to end.

Chairman Bernanke: “Thank you Maria, I hope to enlighten everyone about the great success we have accomplished in Geneva.”

Bartiromo: “With the financial markets shut down worldwide and the banking system paralyzed in this country, what actions were agreed to in Geneva to restore the system?”

Bernanke: “The meetings we held were basically an acceleration of the prior agreements signed off on at the last G20 and G8 meetings. The first priority will be to open the Asian and European financial markets since the nations in those blocs have established an accelerated schedule to use the new Universal Currency Unit for international trade and to discontinue the current single nation reserve currency system.  In the interim, the United States will operate under the emergency declaration issued by the Federal Reserve banks and the President of the United States for the next ninety days.”

Bartiromo: “With the emergency declaration set to expire in a few months, does this mean our equity and bond markets will not reopen any time soon or will they have to wait for other actions to be completed before we restart the system?”

Bernanke: “The actual process is not that complicated. The devaluation agreements have been completed and now we are in the process of assigning new valuations to all equity and bond holdings traded openly on the markets plus issuing new domestic debt bonds to substitute for Treasury issues held by domestic institutions and individuals.  After the new issues and exchange process is completed for Federal, State and municipal securities, the markets will reopen after the pricing configuration for non-Government issues and forced defaults are assigned within the new system. The pricing process has been assigned to committee within the Federal Reserve system at the New York branch and should be completed by March 8th. The financial markets are projected to open under the new six hour trading rules on that date at 9 a.m. Eastern time barring something unforeseen.”

Bartiromo: “Why six hours and not the traditional hours as set by the exchanges?”

Bernanke: “Per the new international regulatory authority, IFROB or the International Financial Regulatory Oversight Board, which reports to the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations, we must comply with all transaction authority until the Federal Reserve system is one hundred percent compliant and merged with the new World Reserve Bank established in Geneva as per the G20 Washington Accords of 2008. The stability from using international regulations  over domestic oversight, which has failed and created the situation we find ourselves in today,  shall enhance the power of the reserve bank branches via internationalization yet prevent the gaming of the system and creation of untested financial instruments that destabilize world markets.”

Bartiromo: “Mr. Chairman you hinted in previous statements from Geneva that despite the domestic issues which are vexing the systemic restart, there would be a major impact felt by individual investors and the average citizen, changes which would revolutionize our economy and create a true free market with controls to insure stability. Could you please expand on those statements?”

Bernanke: “Certainly Maria. The accords which have been working on are designed to prevent a default by the United States and to stabilize the currency exchange process via a non-singularity which was the weakness originally designed in the post war Bretton Woods agreement. The approach of a unified currency system and allowing individual nations to opt out and continue financial transactions or economic activities in their own domestic monetary units will allow for a slower compliance period for debtor nations needing to fulfill obligations and balance their national books before accepting the new international system. The United States is the largest debtor thus the compliance period for our country will be ten years, of which the President has signed off on the austerity accords which the Reserve banks concurred with and allows the United States to return to a stable economic participant in the world by 2021.”

Bartiromo: “What does this mean for Main Street?”

Bernanke: “Ultimately it will return us to an era of prosperity we have not enjoyed for almost fifty years ago. It provides a budgetary discipline which allows the country to provide economic security for the citizens and to preserve the important liberties for all.  Soon enough,  as the price stability quotas are implemented, things will start to calm down and the business of America will return to being focused on the economic growth engine of the world.”

Bartiromo: “Are there new regulations for equity and financial markets that will be issued? There are many viewers concerned about their 401K’s and IRA’s who are watching this afternoon.”

Bernanke: “Yes Maria, and fortunately for all participants in retirement programs or investment vehicles like that, the United States Government with the approval of the IMF has agreed to insure and guarantee the market values of all of these instruments as of the close of business on Friday, February 22. The price and valuations are locked in place and can be converted to the new DTI’s or Domestic Treasury Issues on March 8th or submitted to the Social Security Administration for the new Civilian Retirement Fund Management Program which opens for subscriptions on March 2, 2010. Either solution should re-assure the average investor that their life savings will not be lost during this turbulent transition period.”

Bartiromo: “Thank you Mr. Chairman for your time this afternoon and back to the new VOA studios for a panel discussion on today’s revelations.”

I was stunned silent again when my wife nudged me and said “I guess this means we will never really see our retirement funds, will we?” I nodded my head with a very saddened negative connotation and asked her one important question which was bothering me since this began, “Will you still love me if I dig ditches or become a bureaucrat?” She hugged me tight and kissed me with a whispering “yes” in my ear. The untenable situation had hit home and hopefully tomorrow the mailman will bring us information about what happened to the tens of thousands of dollars we had been saving for our future or at least give us a hint as to what the future may bring.  I knew one thing though, I had to find some sort of communications outlet beyond the new government controlled media or I would go insane. With that in mind, I told my wife “Honey, I’m going for a walk at five. Why don’t you stay home and guard the house with our neighbors. I have to go a few blocks over and see if old man Lewis still has his amateur radio gear all hooked up and see what the news is not telling us.”

Little did I know what you don’t know might hurt you far worse than the truth.

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28 responses to “Security for Liberty for All (The Day The Dollar Died Part VII)

  1. Bring it on!

    BTW, the US is about to run out of money…

    Current debt : 12.100 trillion… Current debt ceiling : 12.104 trillion…

  2. Nice job… I found this at woodpile report and will post a link to it on my blog this week … Not a commercial blog or a commercial thing on it… just my farmstead and survival thoughts. thx

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  4. Jim ODonnell

    John, you have things really heating up in the story. Well, this is not fiction and is from a guy who has been doing YouTube reports for a while whom I have followed for a few months, he is called “George From Southern California.”

    He has done over a hundred vblogs which are on the site below [each about 10 minutes long]. I have found him to be “factual,” at lease he documents on film that which he is reporting so he is not some kind of nut-case.

    His last report, which should play when you click on the link [you can acess the other reports from this link also], sounds very bad and is recorded partially in the dark which is unusual as this is a first for him. This link to all Vblog reports:

    This is a link to his web site, but all of his reports are usually via YouTube on the link above.

    I don’t find any of this stuff happening, yet, where I live in semi-rural Alabama, but then that is one of the reasons I moved here from Detroit in 2002.

  5. I found you through a link at Simple Living network, we are having discussions about it. As a full-time RVer, this is very interesting to me too. I will probably put you on my website too. I definitely will put you on my facebook – I suggest you get on there as well. Get the word out!

  6. Sunny Meadow

    Do you live in Avalon, or some other fantasy place? Where do you find such polite and helpful cops? I have never met a cop that acted as civilized as these fictional cops, and that is in relatively good times.

    • Administrator

      95% of all of my encounters are if you’re polite they are polite. The only issues I have ever run into with LEO’s is when it is one of the roided up military rejects who could not qualify to serve so they took roids, bulked up and passed the entrance exam so they can bully people. Thankfully that is mostly in the St. Petersburg, FL department and Orlando. In Georgia, the LEO’s there are pretty much as nice as they get except in the city of Atlanta.

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  8. This is a 12-04-09 interview of John Williamson of Shadow Statistics who is predicting hyper inflation soon, like in 2010. It is about 30 minutes long but well worth while. He is not some nut but a well respected economist. He tells the tale of what is likely to happen.

  9. Linked over from Steve Quayle…
    Read all 5 parts so far.
    Never heard the term ‘BLOVEL’, however. this is a good one…
    Your posts have been prescient in the past few years, but this continuing ‘blovel’ will ‘edumacate’ some…
    I wouldn’t want to be in Florida, when this stuff DOES (IT WILL!) happen, however.

    TIME TO MIGRATE to less-populated areas.
    The INTERNET is still viable, but for only a matter of months or weeks now, but SHORTWAVE is less monitored (GOOD MENTION!).
    Don’t let SunnyMeadow throw you under the bus…

  10. cornhusker

    I am a ham..was wondering when you might get around to the fact that we hams may be the only source for real news from the outside world…but in Poland during the turbulent times in hte 80s, the commie regime took all of the hams off the air at gunpoint, confiscating their radios…but radios today are a lot smaller and easier to hide, but antenna towers in hte so easy…but can hide wires…

  11. again, I am just spellbound by your story telling.
    one point though, it’s not a “new government controlled media” it’s been being controlled for years now.

  12. He’s back. Here is Mark Dice, the guy who tried to sell a Maple Leaf gold coin for $50.00 and failed, with a new funny [sad] petition.

    The petition is for the FED to increase price inflation to 100% for the next five years to “help” end our economic problems.

    This one works with all shown, except two old guys playing a game of Chess who know what that meants.

  13. frances snoot

    ” “Per the new international regulatory authority, IFROB or the International Financial Regulatory Oversight Board, which reports to the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations, we must comply with all transaction authority until the Federal Reserve system is one hundred percent compliant and merged with the new World Reserve Bank established in Geneva as per the G20 Washington Accords of 2008. ”

    Mr. Galt! Have you never heard about the Basel pillars for banking? The BIS has a schedule for the mandated compliance of all banks globally to pillar 2 of the regulations on January 01, 2010. The crisis in Chinese banks at present derives its impetus from the basel regulatory vector: the CBRC. US banks are set to comply with basel requirements as well in 2010. The FSB of the BIS, headed by Mario Draghi, is the head of the regulatory beast.

    G20power is coordinated in the persons of the finance ministers (Timothy Geithner is ours) which sit on the board of the IMF. There is no need for Bernanke in future: the coordinating agencies have overstepped dollar hegemony.

    Your scenerio sounds like FED Star Wars American Style.

  14. Chris

    Is there any correlation between your timeline and the “alleged” cipher on the US Dollar of a collapse of the United States on 2/22/10?



  15. Chris

    Is there anything we should know about your timeline beginning on 2/22/10? Was that arbitrary of prescient?

    • Administrator

      Very arbitrary with some potential for coming to life should Q4 results and actions in the Middle East come true.

  16. Cotton Top

    I will watch for 12/20/09 then to see if an event in the Middle East or economic data report trigger the eventual collapse next year..

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  18. Davidus Romanus

    Is this story (and it’s excellent, by the way) going to be domestic only, or will you deal with all the troops who can’t fight and can’t get home because no one will take US Gov dollars? The US military uses more fuel per day than most countries. Where will the Pentagon get the massive amounts of fuel the armies (and navy) need? Good luck getting gas or heating oil in the US if the gov’t diverts domestic supplies overseas to keep the forces functioning, and even if they do, how long can that last?

  19. Agoraphobic Plumber

    Whoa, this is hitting a little too close to home. The intersection of highway 210 and 75 north of Breckenridge, MN where the national guard was posted is about a mile or two from the house where I grew up, and about an hour from where I’m sitting. Eek.

    WONDERFUL story so far. Please keep it up.

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  21. Here’s the quick version of my $5,000 “insurance policy” which will cost about a thousand a year to “renew.” For Christmas give your family a used motor home, or a travel trailer if you have something (preferably diesel) to pull it. You should be able to find something livable and roadworthy for about two thousand. This is living quarters and a large suitcase that can be kept stocked permanently for GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge) times. Choose a destination and a rendezvous. If you don’t know anyone who lives in the country who would welcome you IF you showed up with your own supplies and can’t afford to buy any, at least hunt someplace off even county roads where you could hide out very, very quietly for about three weeks. If that’s the best you can manage, God be with you, and it will be far safer than staying in the city.

    IF you already own land OR can buy some OR can band together with two or three families you trust to purchase some…move out there immediately, even if you have to live in the RV, and start caching your supplies there. Spend a hundred dollars on laying hens and a rooster (and remember you have to protect them from skunks, raccoons, owls, and hawks.) Find yourself a dairy goat, preferably being milked, but at least a pregnant one (more, if you can) who has kidded before and been milked. Two goats, bred at alternate times of the year, would produce at least a gallon a day year around, more when they were both being milked. It is easy to learn to make luscious cheese with nothing more than vinegar and milk. Look at cattle; we raise Black Dexters which are shorter, calve easily, browse on brush just as the goats do, and tend to be placid. Their milk is as rich as a Guernsey’s. You could buy a traditional milk cow for about a thousand, and a couple of feeder calves for your beef needs a year later. At least in Texas my $5000 allows for buying two pregnant Dexter cows at about $400 each, maybe a little more. Winter is coming in, and cattle prices are already way down. Get a really good water filtration system (I bought the Berkey) or sodium chlorite–with a T, not a D–marketed as MSM. Both will render almost any sort of water pure. I’m supposing you bought heirloom seeds. This is ideal for retired couples in reasonable health; at least at present one pension can be used to hire a farm hand! You CAN just leave the cows to look after themselves, but it is far better if you are there–and it would deter squatters. For five thou’ give or take a bit, you will have secured milk, eggs, cheese, and three kinds of meat for your family. I never said it would be luxurious by your current standards–but if you have the nerve to do what I advise and “it” comes down the road you will really know what true “plenty” is. If you can protect it. Read gardening books over the winter, and know that you have done the best most can hope for this late in the saga which is unfolding. Raising vegetables and cows, chickens, and goats really isn’t all that hard. Sure, you’ll make mistakes, but animals are very forgiving. We raise French Alpines and Nubians, and I like LaMancha and Toggenberg goats. Just don’t get Boers; those are meat animals. Stay away from White Leghorns; I prefer Buff Ofpingtons, barred rocks, Acaunas, and even Rhode Island Reds. This time of year it will depend upon what you can find. An incubator and egg turner (yes, you really need that!) will run you another hundred. Hen-hatched chicks do better, but the others figure out how to be chickens eventually. Go to for funny lessons on how to milk goat, and Dr. Fankhauser’s site will tell you lots about making cheese. If you don’t have much land, stick with the goats. Milk goats are insatiably curious, affectionate, funny…and the worst mine ever did was eat the entire garden one afternoon (ripe jalapenos and all) and six citrus trees with ripe fruit on them. However, the first time I tried milking and did incredibly badly at it, the LaMancha I was goat-sitting turned and bleated dubiously, “Maaaa? That not how Daaaa do it!” She would come and peer wistfully through the window in front of my computer. “Maaaa? Sister lonely. Maaaa come play wif my?” They really do communicate on a toddler level. Yeah, maybe that isn’t essential knowledge, but if I’m going to suggest urgently that you run for the hills NOW the least I can do is tell you that you won’t believe how much fun life in the country is until you try it. Another good purchase–Michelle cost $150–is a small Jerusalem Cross Donkey. Mine came out of a petting zoo and I was lost from the momented she drifted up out of a sleet storm and fixed me with enormous, sad eyes. She protects the cows from coyotes and wild hogs and has really depleted the raccoon and skunk populations. If absolutely necessary she could carry about 150 pounds. In a phrase you will come to learn if you go to Fiasco Farms, “Just buy the damn’ donkey!” If you still have money to upgrade, get a used diesel truck, an old 240D Mercedes, and an elderly diesel tractor. My biggest warnings are this: take it systematically, get on with it, but keep your enthusiasm on Craig’s List under control or the next thing you know you’ll have run through at least a quarter of a million dollars! Well…motor homes for the kids to stay in, a small saw mill to make our own lumber, the big feed mill (if we ever actually interplant cane and corn), oh, darling, we need a backhoe! “Wow, it’s a bucket truck!” Actually, the bucket truck is good for all sorts of things. Generators! Diesel, propane, gasoline…Smile… hope this helps at least one of you. You may not survive, but you’ll have given it the best chance I can see, and I can all but guarantee anyone who isn’t crazy for big city lights will love it.
    Linda Brady Traynham

  22. mitch

    Linda Brady Traynham, Your plan is very complicated and should no way be done by the average person. The average person needs a gun, about $1000+ in small denominational cash, as much Gold and Silver as they can afford, and enough food and water for 1 month+. If they live in the North they should have a way to keep warm if the power is out for 1 month and that gas pumps have been shut off.

  23. Tyson

    When is part VIII

  24. sharon

    There’s nothing wrong with Linda’s plan, even for someone who is inexperienced–it just can’t be done all at once. No one can become expert at gardening, and raising and caring for chickens and other livestock overnight. Even if you take it slow, you’ll still have disappointments. This is because rural life doesn’t allow you to pose as Mr. or Ms. Perfect and Infallible. Mr. and Ms. Perfect and Infallible are City Monsters, dealing in narrow matters in which perfection and infallibility are possible–or at least much more easily faked. If you have City Monster tendencies, you may have to learn to deal with your human fallibility and learn to do things at a human pace.

    Almost anyone can go with Linda’s plan. If you can ever get situated in the country, it will all become clear, and you can grow into it.