A Musical Tribute, The Elves of the Great Depression of 2009

By John Galt

December 4, 2009

First and foremost, blame Bill O’Reilly as he pointed me out to the ElfYourself.com website and thus, it was born. So I thought, hmmm, who are the five little evil bastards most responsible for the onset of the next Great Depression we have really been enjoying this year.  It isn’t really fair to blame Jim Cramer but I had to choose him because he represents all the hucksters on the various Bubblevisons plus he just annoys the dog crap out of me. Turbo Timmy because he represents the years of incompetent political appointees working in government who never held a real job their entire lives. Ben Bernanke as if any explanation is needed. And of course Presidents Tweedle-Dee (Obama) and Tweedle-Dumb(Bush) who have managed to take a nice, ordinary run of the mill financial crisis and turn it into a flaming, smoking hulk which eventually turns the U.S.A. into one giant crater for the Chinese to stop by and pee in like an old urinal as they tour the ruins of our civilization.

Thanks to all of you for all this and in return, dance you little jerks who have made this year one for the history books…….



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11 responses to “A Musical Tribute, The Elves of the Great Depression of 2009

  1. Pete47

    Thanks for the great laugh, John
    Almost as good as the banana republic song

  2. Jim ODonnell


    John you picked the right elves and its fun.

    Here is a very old one “Santa Claus Is A Terrorist – Mark Scott.” Mark now dead did this bit around 1997 and was about domestic terrorism while Clinton was President. Old but very up to date:

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  6. Where’s LARRY (Cut-low)??


    • Administrator

      I could only put 5 Elves into the video. Sorry but Cramer is a better rep!

  7. Jim ODonnell

    Here is my take on the latest “FED Gamibt” and lie, but it did get the price of gold to crash of Friday.
    Posted this at 3:30 AM EST 12-04-09 but I am not selling anything. Cheer up and enjoy the funny video:


  8. joe blow

    hank paulson should be in that mix big time as should the former CEO of AIG.
    but Cramer, nah. he may be viewed as a buffoon, but he’s done nothing to put the world’s economy at risk.

  9. Lawrence Roberge



    Saudis ‘in a panic mode’ as Shi’ite rebels move North from Yemen


    • Administrator

      I don’t know what the elves can do about this, but I’ll make them dance harder and faster next time.

      More on the international situation later this week.-:)