Because you asked: Part IV Arrogance of the Gods Will be Released on….

By John Galt

November 23, 2009

Because I have received so many emails and you have been kind enough to ask, I shall publish Part IV of ‘The Day the Dollar Died’ series titled “Arrogance of the Gods” on Wednesday November 25, 2009. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving and elect not to send me any more hate mail because guess what? I can not stop what the Federal Reserve nor can you unless we elect a whole boatload of real leaders who care about our nation and fast.

Thanks again for all the kind words gang!




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16 responses to “Because you asked: Part IV Arrogance of the Gods Will be Released on….

  1. Al Coda

    Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Riverside

    John, It will be hard to wait, but worth it.

    While waiting, read “Absolved” at

    Jupiter, FL

  3. frankie webb

    John, I have really enjoyed (well, been scared to death) but have enjoyed your story to date. Thank you in advance for Wed. part. It is like a serial story of old, except it is almost reality. You should really consider writing a novel or at the very least a novella. You are really quite good. Hope that you and your family have a quite and pleasant Thanksgiving and I truly believe we need to be thankful for what we still have and be aware of what we will lose if we do not get in real leaders to lead our country away from socialism and the downfall of capitilism. Keep up the good work!

  4. s4r

    I am all in for voting for that boatload of real leaders. Just point me in their direction!!!!!!

  5. Marc

    Very interesting, thank you for putting this together.

    I’ve always had the feeling that the top trilateralists in Obama’s closet, Zbig and Volcker have much more power than what we are lead to believe. For instant, Zbig working to destabilize Pakistan (and China/Russia) on one hand and Volcker working on One-World currency on the other. Volckers position as head of the is a tell. His work with Robert Mundell has always worried me. (as an American).

    Thanks again for a fine piece of writing. I hope there will be more than four parts. (US military pullout of Asia for example).


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  7. Stressed

    I have truely enjoyed your story thus far. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Real leaders? Is that possible? LOL. I am for the most part prepared, have been seeing this coming a for a long time now. Stock up on food, gas, and anything one car barter with. Thats my advise. I pray it won’t come to this but I fear it will. Have a wonderful holiday.
    Thanks again,
    in Georgia

  8. liz

    If the entire country stops paying their bills – all of them – for three months, it will all collapse on its own. That fast. Yes M’am.

  9. liz

    Oh, and you should not get hate mail. Hateraide drinkers are the ones causing the problems. This website and your writing is wonderful, educated and good fodder for productive discussions about solutions.

  10. larry

    John you are good…just keep on writing. Hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving. i’m thinking it might not be so great next year.

  11. Mitch

    How many parts are there total?

    • Administrator

      7 for now. It could go longer if popular demand says so. I was hoping to make this a once or twice a week series for now but I got so many emails wanting it ASAP, I had to crank it out faster!

  12. Pete47

    Looking forward to Wednesday, sitting down after work with a beverage and reading the next installment.
    John, thanks for the great work
    Don’t let the turkeys out there get you down.

  13. LH

    John, God love you sir. You do know what they say about Born Again Believers and discernment don’t you? *wink*

  14. Bring it on!

    Great stuff. If it’s already written, you should release them faster… 😉

    Me thinks it will turn into civil war when several parts of the country secede.

  15. wildcatinmd

    I really enjoy the series and hope you continue it. A novel I think you, an others on here may enjoy is The Last Centurion by John Ringo.