Ugh. I did it. I joined the 21st Century.

Yes, I finally did it.  My better half said that as I post more and more I should join Twitter and yes, johngaltfla is now active at

As I learn, blunder and screw it up bear with me as I prefer to learn by doing, no matter how bad it looks when I screw up.



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3 responses to “Ugh. I did it. I joined the 21st Century.

  1. pam peters

    joined twitter just for you. it does not come up johngaltfla. got any ideas?
    thanks for the story. it has opened eyes in my house>
    pippypam/ tulsatim

  2. liz

    Rock on! Get the word out – but this doomsday is also a re-birth of a new and beautiful world! We will survive….and survive well. But is is going to be a hell of a ride. You are the first person that seems to know the practical consequences of such an occurrence as the dollar death. I think Obama already made a deal with the Chinese and their money is going to be the new reserve…. They don’t want their biggest debtor going broke. I live there in Hong Kong. They don’t play. They want to get paid in whatever someone got. Keep this up! You have a book on your hands – written in real time! You should take donations in gold. 🙂 Or liquor…