"I Have Been to the Fields of Gettysburg" (The Day the Dollar Died Part III)

by John Galt

November 21, 2009

The following story in ITALICS is what some like to call speculative fiction, what I like to call a potential scenario for the culmination of thirty-six plus years of blunders by an incompetent group of bankers hell bent on completing their one hundred year plan of world financial domination. Of course their inability to grasp or destroy the concept of nationalism and individual identity will prove to be their ultimate undoing, but you can not tell them anything, so we all get to suffer while they learn.


“Citizens of the United States, citizens of the world,  I wish to bring you a message tonight of hope and dreams and most of all assurance. Decades ago one of my heroes uttered those famous words of ‘the only thing we have to fear is fear itself’ and to that theme,  I too, like Franklin Delano Roosevelt call now on the citizens not just of the United States but of the world to begin a move to restoration, beyond the call to change our  ethics and to begin to undertake an immediate and drastic course of action to preserve and enhance the future  for billions of people.

We have assembled in Geneva to initiate a practical and realistic course of action to correct the errors of previous administrations, of prior nationalist xenophobic ideals, and to end the cursed reality of a system of capitalism which has failed because the participants within the economy refused to shoulder the responsibilities inherent with the great power and wealth the people granted them. The expansion of our ideals was fruitful, beneficial and helpful to establishing a global expansion far greater than any in the history of mankind, yet my powers and those of our central banking system were immediately tested one year ago as this very expansion collapsed as the illusion of wealth isolated within the purview of the few deprived the necessary capital to continue economic growth. This shall no longer stand. The governments of the world can no longer stand idly by and allow the minority the great responsibility of the engine of growth to become restricted opportunities for their own benefit at the expense of the citizens of the free world. Tough decisions have been made in these meetings; decisions which will impact every man, woman and child for a generation forward and impose great stresses on those unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices to preserve our nation, our freedom, and our participation as the leading light of freedom in the governance of our planet.

There are those in my nation which will demand immediate redress and accuse my administration and the Federal Reserve of abandoning our principles, our ideals and our Constitution.  The future for the United States demands that the decisions here to be implemented immediately and when I depart Switzerland today, the process of legal acceptance of the World Currency Treaty of Geneva will be immediately implemented via Executive Order and those aspects requiring the U.S. Senate’s approval sent immediately to Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Failure to pass and execute every aspect of this treaty is not an option. The divisions our decisions will create will not receive an immediate embrace by the American business community but that is a price we must pay for the errors of our way.  In my capacity as leader of the United States and free peoples of the world,  I shall do what I must to preserve the Republic and to insure we survive as a nation united.

For I have been to the fields of Gettysburg and seen what division, distrust and dissolution can do to a nation, and I wish to be remembered as a modern day  Lincoln, doing what must be done in the name of God, Country and the World to preserve our nation and insure that the intentional community is not shattered by our malfeasance.  The American people and our economic might will make good on all of the debts owed to the world. The American people  and our economic will shall control spending and abide by the demands of the international community. The American people and our corporate citizens will absorb the necessary oversight by all world bodies agreed to in this meeting and that of the November 2007 G20 Cape Town Accords and the November 2008 G20 Washington Financial Systems Accords.  Charmain Bernanke will issue a paper on Wednesday, February 24th at precisely 6 p.m. Eastern Time to outline the changes to the domestic financial system and prepare for the re-opening of our financial markets at a later date.

In the interim, we will proceed with actions to preserve the health, safety and national welfare of our citizens while initiating the undertaking of these agreements. To quote another hero of mine, Martin Luther King Junior:

‘And another reason that I’m happy to live in this period is that we have been forced to a point where we are going to have to grapple with the problems that men have been trying to grapple with through history, but the demands didn’t force them to do it. Survival demands that we grapple with them.’

Under the leadership of our Legislative branches, our people and my administration, this time and once and for all I assure the people of the United States and the free world that we shall overcome.

Good night and God Bless America and the World.”

February 23, 2010 12:21 P.M. ET

As the bartender at the country club turned the television off then smashed the remote against the wall, his next words were not the revolutionary explosion in patriotism nor compliance President Obama probably would have expected:

“Free Drinks until we run dry!”

Alas, it was not Patrick Henry nor Ben Franklin but considering that everyone in the room, including some of Obama’s supporters, all felt like we were just sold out, it was only a matter of time until anarchy began to reign supreme. The club my boss was a member of was quite exclusive but not isolated from the reality of our community. The sirens were blaring constantly in the area towards I-75 and the helicopter that serviced Sarasota Memorial Hospital seemed extraordinarily busy the entire time we were playing but this brief vacation from reality ended with President Obama’s words.

“John”, my boss spoke softly, “here’s a toast to you and your family. May you survive this nightmare and thrive on the chaos which follows.” He raised his glass, drank a shot of bourbon, poured another one from the bottle the bartender dropped off at our table then handed me two one hundred dollar bills and left with the bottle in his hands. “Uh, I don’t think you should try to drive sir, I mean I appreciate all of this but…” and before I could finish he cut me off and yelled back into the silent room “Who cares? What are they going to do, FINE ME WITH THE DEAD MONEY? The hell with everyone and this government.”

He walked out the door and barked the tires on his Cadillac Escalade out of the parking lot and away forever.

I went back inside, gave the barkeep one of the Benjamins, thanked him and he handed me a bottle of wine saying “Your wife might need this.” I nodded, headed to my car and proceeded to look for a gas station that was open. I figured I had best top things off while I still had some cash on hand because who would know what was the consequence of today’s speech outside of D.C.

February 23, 2010 1:13 P.M. ET

The Sunoco station on U.S. 41 had all of the pumps covered with bags but the store, amazingly enough was open. I elected to go on inside, buy a six pack of misery juice and converse with the young man who I had come to know since he bought the station five years after emigrating from Pakistan. Tran, as he liked to be called was somewhat nervous but also enjoying a banner day of sales being one of the few stores to be open and gambling by making manual credit card slips and accepting cash of course.  I noticed the empt shelves everywhere and asked him just how he made it. “Easy,” he said, “I held inventory off site a month ago waiting for a hurricane or a day like this.” I had to laugh but then it hit me to ask him, “Does that include gasoline?”

Tran nodded and said something fascinating, “John, for you I do this.  It will cost you $5 per gallon which is the new minimum legal price but I can sell it to you. You have to accept this paper and keep it in your truck until you get home.” He scribbled my name on one line and checked a box titled “Civilian Emergency Services” and then shoved it over to me asking me to sign it. The FEMA moniker at the top of the page looked almost false but the date and title froze me in my tracks:


FEBRUARY 22, 2010



Maximum Purchase Limit: 20 Gallons


STATION ID: 1137756-34231

Without hesitation nor caring about the repercussions, I signed it with an illegible signature, handed him the other one hundred dollar bill that my now apparently former boss handed me and went to the pump he directed me to so I could get that 20 gallons in my pick up and go home. As I put the handle back on the pump and covered it back up with the bag as instructed, an ill feeling started to sink in to me; this document was issued on a Sunday and since when could they get this out to so many stations so fast unless this plan was already in place!

February 23, 2010 2:30 P.M. ET

I walked in the door of my home, dropped my golf clubs, found my wife and gave her a long tight hug with a tear in my eye. She asked me “What’s wrong honey?” and the story of this day was told. But this day was far from over.

Fort Fergus Falls

“Break 9, break 9, is there anyone out there. This is John Donaldson of Whittaker Trucking out of  Des Moines, IA and my rig is being shot at by unknown attackers at mile marker 56 on I-94 southbound. Anyone in Fergus Falls out there? Help please, help, I am being attacked. For God Sakes is anyone out there?”

The citizens band radio rang out again with a call for help. Mike had only been home for what seemed like a few hours and his base station was ringing with calls for help. He bypassed calling 911 and called his old pal Deputy Monckton directly on his personal cell phone. “Jack, do you have your CB on?” Mike asked before the deputy could even say hello. The deputy politely replied that he did not and Mike got somewhat excited and told him what he had heard. “I’m on it” the deputy replied and as the deputy put the phone down he could hear him calling for backup before he hung up.  Mike was exhausted but now was not the time to sleep in his mind. He put his winter gear on, grabbed some chains and locks, wrapped them around the doors on his trailer and then backed the truck up against the wall of his home so the doors could not be opened.

His wife, looking at him like he was insane heard Mike snap like the old Sarge he used to be in Vietnam “Sal, you start finding anything that can hold water and start filling it up. Use totes, buckets, I don’t care and I don’t care if we put it in the garage and it freezes up. We’re going to need it!” Mike then grabbed a pistol, loaded it, put it in his pocket and went out into his barn to start chopping wood.

He didn’t stop until six o’clock that night, tears streaming down this tough vet’s face as he finished tying off each bundle.

Take Your Pork and Beans and Stick it Mister

Tom sat in front of his television after the Obama speech from Geneva in stunned silence. Sandy looked at him and said “See, I told you they had a plan and we would be fine. Here you are buying all kinds of fatty crappy foods we’ll never need to eat and end up donating to some food bank and the President has it all under control. You’re an idiot honey and if you think I’m going to sit around drinking bottled water and pork n’ beans all night you can stick it mister!”

Tom was not exactly what many would call a “Type A” personality but he had hit his limit with the lack of sleep.  “Woman,” Tom yelled, “I was just trying to take care of this family and protect you from the unknown. If you think this is over, then why in the Sam Hell is your beloved QVC and Oprah still off the air?” Sandy had heard enough, uttered some very terse curse words and went to the bedroom slamming the door and locking it while screaming all of the way. Tom slinked back to his chair after putting the cans up in the pantry in a somewhat organized manner and returned to the television to see what was new. By now it was 3 p.m. Eastern Time and that meant the start of the new hourly news and information reports from FEMA and the Voice of America Domestic Services. “It beats MSNBC” he thought to himself, as he drifted off to sleep to the melodic sounds of Yankee Doodle in  the background.

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39 responses to “"I Have Been to the Fields of Gettysburg" (The Day the Dollar Died Part III)

  1. David

    This is great! Keep it up, please!

  2. Jim ODonnell

    Ha-ha-ha-ha. Gettysburg Address from Obama. Who will be “North” and who “South” this time? I hate anything to do with our civil war and although I study various wars closely, I omit this one as it was so stupid. I guess this “new civil war” will be even more stupid.

    My best advice to all is to “hide in plain sight” and act like Gomer Pyle on all things politial while you do every thing you can to protect yourself and friends. If you do then there will be no: Suprise, suprise, suprise.

    Addendum: You should read the stuff on “Zero Hedge,” especialy the comments if you think that John’s story is too far fetched. Just Google [ zero hedge ] and you can read without leaving your “footprint” for the gov to track you.

  3. Bloody fantastic and plausible version, make a video interpretation and put it on utube…

    If the USA and GB sheeple fail to wake-up on this nothing will…

  4. God Bless you John Galt.
    You know you have to take this to its logical conclusion?
    Civil war and the Haves vs the Have nots…I can hear it now, the new name for America…..Obamastan.

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  6. liz

    Sheesh…you sheeple yourselves….frankly, the dollar death has been coming a long time – it actually already died you fools. I really laugh at all of you though because these stories were just fodder for the freaky fringe during the Bushy years – the years that actually killed the dollar. The dollar is already dead but to blame Obama is a bit like blaming your little sister for hitting you and causing you to break a jar you should have never had in your hand in the first place. Frankly, there will be no haves or have nots – it will be like after a hurricane and we will all work together to survive. We always do. The dollar death is a good thing. We are in debt up to our ears – not Obama’s fault – ALL OF OUR COLLECTIVE FAULT! It is time for this country to wake up and we did not – for the past 20 years. Is the author living in the West Coast of Florida Palin-lovin’ country – lawd have mercy – we would all die like after Katrina if that woman were in charge. Go local – take care of yourselves as a local family. That is going to be the only way out. And, stop with the Obamastan mess – ignorant, ignorant, ignorant. I could be President and this would happen – then, what would it be Lizardstan? Start meeting your neighbors – you are going to NEED them. Peace out people – we are all one whether you like it or not. I burn money every month just to remind myself of how worthless it is – the new money? Relationships and knowledge…Welcome to the new world!

  7. Jeff P

    A) Start your morning by listening to “We don’t get fooled again” by The Who

    2) Picture the Medici and Lombard systems at work in todays world.

    3) Repent and Drink the blood of Jesus.

  8. Wow. Utter froth. Now we really *need* Jericho to go back into production.

  9. Administrator

    That would be cool. Jericho was a fun show to watch from a doomer porn perspective.

    Edit to add:

    Or if you’re long Gold or Silver.

  10. Desert Rose

    Wow, riveting writing and very plausible. Most who shun the Bible will not recognize the “last” days in which we are living and poo poo my comments, but so did those ‘left behind’ (who DIED)in the days of Noah, when for 120 years while he was building the ark, Noah tried to warn them of the flood to come and they laughed and scoffed at him. Even when the animals came to the ark, by 2’s and 7’s, all on their own, the people still just didn’t GET IT!! Read the books of Daniel and Revelation and see that all that’s happening today was foretold. We are heading towards a ONE WORLD system which WILL be set up and for the final decision ALL MUST MAKE – Allegiance to our Creator God or Satan. I pray you will learn and decide for yourself.

  11. This is great stuff, going to post to blog NOW.

  12. I love doomer porn! Thanks for this story, John Galt. I hope you’ll continue on…going to go follow you on Twitter now! 🙂

    Fellow Floridian

  13. richard anderson

    Dear Mr. Galt , I’m 66 , this is great work and story lines , please keep it up. In my mind you are right on que , great reading. This is right on par with ” Something Wicked Cometh “, also a very realistic fiction story . Check it out. Richard Anderson

  14. jg

    Bravo! Keep up the fine work, sir!

  15. liz

    Where is part 4????? Perhaps we should mention:

    1. Court actions (foreclosures/creditor lawsuits/bankruptcies/all actions excepting divorce) grind to a halt – why bother?
    2. What are we gonna eat? Each other?
    3. Where did our money go? Do we need money anymore?

    At least you live in Florida as do I and we can fish to eat…or hitch a boat ride to the Bahamas – they just made a deal with the Chinese and will probably immediately post their currency with the new whatever currency….

    Guns would be probably good to have since the police won’t work. Will the hospitals be able to function if no one is getting paid?

    Follow Argentina – it already happened to them….But, the U.S. defaulting will actually hurt the world and the world knows it.

    I love this blog!

    • Administrator

      Part IV will be up on Wednesday November 25, 2009. My Twitter account will update when it is posted.

  16. TD

    the robbing of the people to prop up the banksters and the wall streeters and the plans by the banks and wall street to pay out tens of billions in bonuses while the common worker has and is loosing everything that they have slaved for does not create an air of foregiveness…

    it appears that the feds and the federal reserve are driving the USA into bankruptcy and the collapse and failure of our currency and nation…

    When the banks are closed by a bank holiday and no food or fuel is available… the newly poor middle class driven poor by the failure of our federal government and the federal reserve to protect the people and the USA, will be ticked off to say the least and they are armed….

    can revolution be far off???

    the failure of the American currency will cause the failure of currencies across the world… how soon will world war follow???

  17. Douger

    World war ? Nah. You default and China nukes you.
    Movie over. They’ll probably zap those Queen worshipers too since that is where all of this started.
    Without the US and GB in the picture IsNtReal will be “wiped off the map”
    You guys have fun.
    I’m headed to the hot springs.

  18. Sunny Meadow

    I liked the xenophobic part. Nice touch. Sounds like something Obama would read from a teleprompter.

    Not as pollyanna as Parts I and II.

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  21. McNamara

    this would be a good movie…

  22. ksbw88

    75.122 when it hits 72 Part I,II,III will no longer be fiction. Great Story.

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  25. John,

    We both came out of TB2K. Tom Sherry’s book, Dark Winter, is now available via Amazon. I hope you have the same success.


    • Administrator

      Todd, thank you! I appreciate that and hope Dark Winter is a huge success.-John

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  27. e

    war clubs and blades…after the private firearms have been banned and confiscated, these are the weapons we’ll rely upon. And it’s EXACTLY what “they” DESERVE!!!! Much like MLK, I also have a dream…

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  30. tom

    A little like ‘The Second After’. Great, keep the chapters coming. Perhaps the author could publish the entire work as a book.

  31. Red hot. My version runs a different course. We don’t get past the 2012 elections.

  32. Mitch

    Great series, keep publishing them. I don’t know why you would be getting hate mail. This is good writing.

  33. Stressed

    Great story. Maybe the trucker could have a buddy who is actually prepared for this and has a bug out place in the mountains somewhere. The buddy could be described as the conspiracy nut who had been telling of this coming and everyone thought him crazy, turns out he was right and not so crazy. It would be exciting to see them try to get there with all the road blocks. Just an idea.

    Keep up the great work

    in Georgia

  34. ryan

    Excellent! This fiction will help convey the urgency of our currency crisis to friends and family.

    Superb writing!

  35. Gen Lee

    The only thing is, this is not a story. It will be for real pretty soon. Let’s hope most of us can stay safe.