The Obama Bowing Survey

by John Galt

November 16, 2009



IF Obama bowed to the Saudi King as the picture above indicates and they are rated #4 with the other Oil Exporters for purchasing our Treasuries…..


IF Obama bowed to the Empeoror of Japan as the pictured above indicates and they are rated #2 for purchasing our Treasuries……


Did Obama do BEHIND CLOSED DOORS with the Chinese Premier last night since they are the NUMBER 1 buyer of Treasuries?

a. Hugabutt

b. Lewinsky

c. Sent Michelle in

d. Sang “The East is Red” wearing a sarong and high heels to entertain them.

e. All of the above

What a schmuck…..



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7 responses to “The Obama Bowing Survey

  1. I’d lay dollars to doughnuts the tip of his nose was covered in brown.

  2. IndianaJohn

    It was after Oboma kissed the english queen’s toe that he was no longer his own man.

  3. Depression

    chill out , the president is just showing very good manners … most americans wouldn’t know that in other nations they don’t always shake hands but bow to each other as a sign of respect ..

    the way the world is going , ten years from now , if that president shakes hands instead of fist bumping people will be up in arms ..

  4. herdingcats

    Well , I don’t think it matters . I really do believe we are headed for a currency collapse . My friends think I am ” eccentric .” Obama is from the Robert Mugabe school . Whoever invented the printing press is probably sorry right now ! Was it Guttenburg ?

  5. Marc

    Another Obama bow pic for your collection:

  6. warrenb

    Hey John,
    love the writing, would you be interested in a larger audience?
    We’d love to have you as a member on our site:

    Look forward to seeing you join up

    • Administrator

      Thanks Warren but I’m a member of several boards plus my own blog and my plate is quite full now. Thank you though. – John