YOU Are a Lagging Indicator

by John Galt

November 10, 2009

According to the Mainstream Media and “Conventional” thinking, YOU might be a lagging indicator if……

You live in Cape Coral, FL and are not in some level of mortgage delinquency or foreclosure.

You are one of the 10.2% unemployed which is actually 17.5% when measured using table U-6 or even worse when using the measures of unemployment in the Jimmy Carter administration like Shadow Government Statistics does:


You bought 1000 shares of Citigroup on November 10, 1999 at the closing price of $36.81 and still believe your broker when he or she tells you that the November 10, 2009 closing price of $4.18 is just a blip and you’ll recover all your losses.

Your credit card A.P.R. is still below 21.9%.

You wonder why your $3.75 11.5 oz. box of cereal costs 75 cents more than it did two years ago when it was 16 oz.

You object to  paying higher taxes while your neighbor who works on a General Motors assembly line gets four weeks of paid vacation in December plus medical benefits thanks to the taxpayer funded TARP bailout and illegal bankruptcy action.

You haven’t seen or own every Michael Moore movie ever made.

You actually watch network news.

You still eat meat after all of those damned commercials from Algore’s folks with that stupid Coca-Cola polar bear on an ice floe thanks yours and the cow’s contributions to global warming, er, climate change.

You are not on a payment installment plan with the IRS, state, and/or local government tax authorities.

You still actually pay for and read the local newspaper or New York Times.

You think going into debt for 4 years to buy a new car through cash for clunkers was a good idea to gain 10 mpg at a taxpayer cost of $24,000 per vehicle and spending $3 billion to generate $375 million in fuel expenditure savings.

You are one of the viewers causing CNBC’s Squawk Box ratings to fall behind Fox Business thanks to the antics of an ex-alcoholic alleged basketball racist.

You are one of the “uninformed unwashed masses” the elitists despise that caused Obama to have a net -10 with a 40% strong disapproval rating today.

You were one of those fools who bought that worthless relic gold on November 10, 1999 at $295.75 per ounce and held it today where it closed at $1101.50 per ounce.

You don’t have ten times the amount of debt to your income level.

You don’t use your debit card and happily pay the $1.25 fee to purchase a $5.95 Vende Coffee at your local Starbucks every morning.

You still think that in 2009 it is a Radical Muslim’s fault when a Radical Muslim commits a terrorist act.

You still make your mortgage and credit card payments on time.

You still think that Jesus Christ is the Messiah when everyone else knows he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.



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4 responses to “YOU Are a Lagging Indicator

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  2. Joanie

    You are a Lagging Indicator if…..

    You still take responsability for yourself and do not want Obama Money.

    You say what you mean, and mean what you say.

  3. Scott

    You own a small business and do your damnedest to stay debt free.

  4. IndianaJohn

    I just might be lagging with no indication.