Prepetorial #24: Patriot Sam

by John Galt

October 20, 2009

Marta was settling down into her worn out sofa in the family’s modest one bedroom trailer home enjoying her afternoon of Oprah and Dr. Phil while periodically yelling at her two young daughters to “do their homework and quit playing on the Internet.” At exactly 4:38 p.m. this day there was a loud violent clacking on her door. The entire trailer shuddered as the door burst open and six men dressed in black with guns pulled screamed at the family to “GET ON THE FLOOR!” As she started shaking hysterically one of the men grabbed her wrist and slammed her to the floor then cuffed her while she started to bawl loudly and incoherently. As she laid there and the men ran into the bedroom and bathroom of the trailer two female officers grabbed the children and carried them over their panic stricken mother, as they kicked and cried out the door and were last seen being thrown into a van with more uniformed women of some sort.

Two weeks after this trauma, Marta, now heavily medicated with anti-depression drugs and assigned a state nurse because she was on suicide watch was allowed to return to her modest home in the not so great part of town. The crime scene tape was just removed a day ago and the neighbors all whispered and stared as she was escorted back into her home.  As she opened the door she gasped “My God, what have you people done to my family and my home!”  Everything they owned was scattered on the floor, the sofa sliced open, drawers dumped out and the walls cut open with gaping holes from the search. The nurse, being thoroughly briefed on the case said “now, now honey, take one of these and relax, I’ll clean up some of this mess while you rest” and handed her a prescription Valium to calm her nerves.  Marta willingly swallowed the pill, sipping on a cup of water and looked up at the nurse with her sad, heavy reddened eyes and asked “Why did Mike do it? And when oh when will my children come home?”  The nurse patted her hand and replied calmly “you might get to see the kids in two weeks if you behave and are healed some.  When the case is closed and your children have completed two years of special education at the new facility for them, they might be allowed to return home.  The home schooling they received has corrupted their ability to function in society and we have to let the professionals help them, just like I’m here to help you.”

Special Agent Nicholson thought he had seen it all since 2001 as a member of the Domestic Anti-Terrorism division of the F.B.I.  As he settled into his office with his partner, Agent Joseph, the discussion focused on the case involving Marta’s late husband Mike. “This case is totally illogical and flawed” Joseph said, “as the pieces just do not seem to fit together.” Nicholson piped up “You’re right. The fact that a married man with a family somehow obtains ten pounds of C4 and detonators then walks into a bank lobby to commit a suicide bombing just does not make any sense. He had no military experience, had factory and journeyman jobs, and never handled explosives every in his life until now. This just does not fit.”  Joseph spoke up though and handed Nicholson the latest scans from Mike’s Internet and telephone activity pointing and saying “Look at the radical right-wing websites and survivalist friends he called.  Two of the men he called were in Virginia, three in North Carolina, and the other numbers are paygo phones purchased in Maryland.” Nicholson stared at the papers for a minute and said “Even though he has been unemployed since 2009, there is no logical reason for him to hit a bank like this. And this is the third case of its sort in the last two weeks. I wonder if….” Just as he was going to finish his sentence there was a knock on their office door and a uniformed man entered the room.

“Good afternoon Gentlemen. I am Major Samuel Lewis of the Domestic Security Agency Special Protective Services Unit.  I presume that you are Agent Nicholson and you are Agent Joseph?” Major Lewis said as he presented his credentials to them. “Yes, that’s who we are, may I ask as to your business with us today” a suddenly uptight Nicholson replied.  “The DSA has sent me here to take over this case. The President will appear on National Television to address this new terrorist threat and the two attacks in Maryland and one in New Jersey the last two weeks. Martial Law will be declared in Maryland at 6 p.m. Eastern Time tonight and all cases pending in this state are being assigned to my unit.”

Agent Joseph, ever the skeptic said “May I see your orders Major? The information we have in our possession is classified and we must have a release from your superiors and ours.” The Major in a very professional and soldier like manner opened his portfolio and handed the orders to the Special Agent. Sure enough there was a series of signatures from the head of the F.B.I.,  the Commandant of the DSA, and the Secretary of Defense all with today’s date, October 27, 2011. “Wow” was the only thing Nicholson could say after reviewing the orders. “Let me get on the phone and have all of the evidence and inventories brought up here immediately. We knew this problem was expanding but we had no idea that the President was ready to take such drastic action this early into the campaign against these thugs” and with that statement Nicholson punched some numbers into his phone and ordered all of the information and evidence to brought to his office.  The Major then handed the standard DSA classified information release forms and reminded the men that this was now a ‘Top Secret’ matter not to be discussed with anyone outside of the F.B.I. director or his agency.

As Major Lewis passed the evidence over to a clerk at the DSA headquarters in Quantico, he told the clerk to stamp it “DESTROY” and to place the primary files into the records division with the catch phrase “CASE OPEN.”  As he settled into his office and logged into the network he noticed the emails were flowing into his “other” identity’s mailbox.  As he logged in and started reading the evidence that Maryland’s recent spat of activity had spawned sympathy calls for more direct action  from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and a few other states.  Once the logging software was enabled, it was time to enter into a conversation on the message boards and with that, began an odyssey to track more future terrorists.

LADYLIBERTY99: “The bankers had it coming”

MOD1: “LL WATCH WHAT YOU SAY! These are the kind of inflammatory posts that will force us to remove you from the board. The economic depression is severe and I realize you are frustrated but we do not want this kind of trouble.”

LADYLIBERTY99: “I”m sorry you’re right. But these thieves deserve worse!”

MOD1: “Consider that a final warning LL. We can’t take any more heat. The owner has already had two visits from the F.B.I.”

PATRIOT SAM:  “Mod, you do realize she’s right? This insanity has to end. The bankers are dragging our economy down further and after stealing my mother’s retirement, I’m furious. Do you realize they have rationed her to $50 per week in withdrawals? Do you understand that with Social Security and her meager access to her retirement account she can not even buy groceries? This isn’t fair and it’s not right! The President had best arrest these dirtbags or else.”

MOD1: “Look, I know we’re tired, working two or three jobs and have to deal with the rationing program. But let’s direct our efforts at voting these bums out in 2012, and none of the radical stuff. This board could be shut down with very short notice.”

LADYLIBERTY99: “You’re right. I’m sorry but I just needed to vent. My rations got cut as did my pay because my employer had his withdrawal limits lowered with the new price controls. I’ve heard that on January 1, 2012 they will be cut further. What’s the point in living like this anymore?”

PATRIOT SAM: “I’m sorry Mod. I know you’re just doing your job. LL pm me, let’s chat some time further, I know exactly how you feel.”


With that not ten minutes later Major Lewis had a message from Lady Liberty asking him to call her tonight at 9 p.m.

At exactly 9:01 Sam called her after activating his pay as you go phone and a distraught sounding lady in her mid-fifties answered the phone “Patriot Sam is that you.”  The pause from Sam caused her to sigh but he then replied “Yes, it’s me Ms. Liberty. Are you okay?” She stuttered for a second and then said “Call me Ann, that’s my real name. I’m so upset. The latest declaration of Martial Law, the Internet being shut down in Maryland and now those stormtroopers from the DSA setting up shop in one of my message board friend’s home because she was declared a mortgage squatter even though that’s not true has me totally frayed. Plus my home is about to be foreclosed on, my husband who is sixty-four has been out of work since 2008 and we are out of money, out of hope and losing faith. I just needed a friend to chat with.”  Sam did not even hesitate and prodded her on “Ann, my real name is Sam, and I understand what you mean. I lost my job in 2008 and have been doing odd jobs for years now. I lost my home in 2009 and now I am just living in boarding homes to have a warm place during the winter then I’ll move back into my car this spring like so many others do. Those damned banks stole my entire savings and now only give me two hundred bucks a month to survive of my own damned money! They deserve all the crap they are getting now and then some!”

Ann paused and started to whisper “Sam, are you serious? You’re scaring me.”  Sam was suddenly horrified and wondered if she was doing the same thing from a different group so he asked the standard test question “Ann, have you been to any of the recent Freedom Rallies wearing black?” Ann replied “No! I haven’t heard of them, that sounds wonderful, is there one near my home in Owensboro, Kentucky soon?”  With that bit of information, Sam sighed in relief and told her “Not that I know of but I’ll keep you informed. I was wondering if you heard about that Episcopal church near you near Evansville?”  Ann stuttered suddenly “No, is it one of those Patriot Churches you’ve told me about Sam?”  Major Lewis had her where he wanted her now and he knew it. He told her all about the fictional homosexual activities, where the church was, the sins of the preachers and worse, how they encouraged people to bring their children to learn the hedonistic ways of their radical church. Ann was stunned. She was horrified. She told Sam “I am speechless. You mean a church disguised as an Episcopal Church is actually engaging in recruiting children for this Marxist government and their homosexual elitists?”  Sam paused and said calmly and in an icy manner “Yes my dear. Our nation is beyond redemption. But WE can make a difference.”

Ann listened to Sam and asked him point blank if he would come to see her and the good Major said that he would meet her in two weeks. Another terrorist recruited, another terror act to expand the government’s power, another flag now falsely planted.  “I’ll make Lt. Colonel over this one” he thought to himself. As his plan would insure the RPSA (Religious Protection Security Act) would pass the Congress and insure DSA guards outside of every church. The banks, the schools, the churches and the internet were now “safely” under his agency’s control and America would be safe from the radicals that opposed the new way. “Hell, I’m a hero, I hope they make a postage stamp with my profile on it” he thought to himself.  With that smug self-assessment and afterthought about the last “Patriot” Mike and his wife Marta, Major Lewis took the recordings and Internet files to his commander, know full well he would approve the undercover action.

“Leave no fingerprints” would be the last thing his commanding General would utter, as usual,  as he received approval.

Good old Patriot Sam has done his job thoroughly, once again.

Yes, once again for all of you new to my Prepetorial series, the italic sections above are fiction.

Is it a path for our future though?

Perhaps. The danger we are in now as a nation is no longer a secret for those in some areas of talk radio as they found out that their reputation and power is not limitless and their ability to “Ram” a deal home is not as much of a given as they thought.  Even the almighty Rush Limbaugh apparently is afraid to initiate legal action against those responsible for slandering him, a direct hint that the Marxist revolutionary movement is succeeding beyond their own wildest dreams. While individuals like Savage, Hannity and Beck continue to utter the truth about the members of the current administration, the question none dare ask is still hanging over their heads and ours like a guillotine in the French Revolution:

Who can we trust?

The problem in the past was that bounties and rewards were placed on one’s neighbor ratting out another. In Revolutionary America, the Civil War and even World War I the premium was placed on having neighbor turn on neighbor, be the accusations false or not. Now the modern era has arrived and the concepts of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union along with the East German Stasi models are being incorporated into the fabric of our national law enforcement apparatus. That is of course, the apparatus we are aware of in public record, with little or any paper trail much less legal creation of the new domestic security forces that our beloved leader has hinted about. The Marxist way is to create the foundation, hide it and then use it as necessary. The minute “something” happens and Patriot Act II is created with the endorsement of both parties, then and only then will you know what is coming.

So back to the trust issue. Who can you trust? Me? Hardly, I’m an Internet blogger with a limited audience who has witnessed various activities like many have attacked, many have enjoyed and several have probably reported me to the authorities. To that I say “Hi Feds, Blank You!” and you can fill in the blank. I have friends at the U.S. Department of Justice who have been fighting the GOOD fight for years but now when we attempt to chat about college football or the old days the conversation turns dark and sad as if we can no longer be friends or talk on “those” phone numbers. Believe me people, there are good people in law enforcement but now, especially now, there are some very evil souls propagating into the system. And that is the gist of this piece along with the Internet phenomenon created by the Tea Parties, Patriot websites, and various survivalist boards.

I’m asking everyone to prepare. First and foremost moral preparation, making and knowing you are at peace with the Good Lord and seek his guidance might help save you a ton of pain. Next, please, think about the two unfortunate characters in the fictional story above. Mike and Ann are desperate people who have lost hope and practically everything they own.  Hope was fleeting and gone but instead of keeping things in perspective, when someone acted they jumped into the fray, not realizing the modern day consequences of publishing one’s thoughts on the internet or having a telephone conversation where NSA snoops record your every word, especially you are “flagged” by their political minions.

Know your friends and your enemies. You can not now, please, assume anything about the people you know. A co-worker of yours might be a great friend and beer buddy after work every Friday but if someone approaches them and says “hey, if you get anything juicy there’s a reward in it for  you” and suddenly you find yourself in detention until you clarify your beer buzz conversation. Think it can not happen here? Think again boys and girls, the new elites both Democrat and Republican are now playing for keeps.

Lastly, and most importantly, have the one thing besides a viable moral compass in your possession: The ability to sustain yourself and your family for a prolonged period of time. The movements of this nation towards an internationalist fiatocracy proceeding on to a global autocracy that will eliminate the ideals of a republican form of government and then lead to a fake democracy which is nothing more than a merit based system of regal dictatorship. The elitists and corporatists have determined quite logically that the current system is unsustainable and a new “third way” system of government managed capatilism with electoral limitations must be imposed for the good of the world.

Needless to say this will not end well. Common sense and logic will be dismissed by the powers and the desires of a return to the “good old days” used to whore victims into surrendering their freedoms and lives to unwittingly help the dictatorship of the masses expand their powers. This is where you and only you must think, act and believe in a logical and judicious manner. The time to act will be obvious but not something that will be advertised. Working within the system as long as possible is the only course of action for the moment.  Please, I beg all of you to choose your friends and course of actions wisely. These are the times my friends and I  have been warning about for a while now. Few will listen, many will pay a huge price and one day soon this keyboard will silenced. Pray for our nation now, more than ever.





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4 responses to “Prepetorial #24: Patriot Sam

  1. frances snoot

    Hope was fleeting and gone but instead of keeping things in perspective, when someone acted they jumped into the fray, not realizing the modern day consequences of publishing one’s thoughts on the internet or having a telephone conversation where NSA snoops record your every word, especially you are “flagged” by their political minions.

    Mr. Galt:
    The authorities are going to do the same thing to everyone, irregardless of internet witness. Isn’t it better to expose the darkness now before the light is turned out?

  2. Your stories are a little too real for my liking but I understand and have tried to worn people. Too many sheep….I see Mad Max even sooner than the dates you give. Please keep writing for as long as possible, it may help just one person or family.

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  4. Beth

    Hi Mr. Galt.
    I guess I’ll risk being tracked back from your radical website to say thanks. This stuff makes my heart hurt.
    I appreciate the time you take to try to help your readers see what’s happening.