IMF USD ($) SDR Valuation for 10/19/09

From IMF Website:

$1.00 U.S. = 1.59383 IMF SDR



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4 responses to “IMF USD ($) SDR Valuation for 10/19/09

  1. frances snoot

    One US dollar is .44 units per each sdr package. The sdr is a currency basket. One cannot merely extract a dollar out of the total and call it a viable exchange. It would be like taking a penny and cutting almost half off and then trying to use the half-penny for trade. We understand sdrs as being constituted by nearly one-half their weight in dollars. Yet, the constitution of the currency basket varies with the play of the four currencies contained within the basket. So the sdr is a brilliant way of manipulating currency exchange while protecting against risk of loss.

    Sdrs are not being used for trade at present. (or are they…one wonders) but the forex accounts of member IMF nations all have sdr allotments as reserve. The IMF recently allocated by fiat 250B sdr in member accounts. This one-time allocation was a go at what the IMF termed Global Quantitative Easing. The QE was most likely thought necessary to protect nations from entering a new liquidity crisis sparked by Basel ii banking regulations set to take effect globally on January 1, 2010. The QE most likely has also had a profound effect on the dollar value index. It is near impossible to find information relating to the use of sdr fiat QE in the press. The press also neglects to focus on the sdr-denominated bonds being sold at present by the IMF for funding purposes. The IMF is also beginning a program of sdr-denominated financial instruments through corporate bond sales.

    The general public may not purchase sdrs. Sdrs at present only represent a drawing right at the IMF for other currencies represented by the basket. The sdr is weighted every five years by the IMF. New weighting is to take place this next year and most probably will spell the nexus for the dollar as currency.

    This is the information in my head regarding sdrs at present. I believe that the sdr is being used as a way to control the demolition of paper currency in the move away from tangible currency. Only those with access to the IMF sdr game will survive with any value intact to their savings or assets.

  2. koios

    If you want to ruin someone or something, do it in plain sight. When the $ fails like the Fed wants it to, SDRs will be a handy replacement for intl trade. And they’ll make a pot full of cash since they have bought SDRs cheap. Then on to the Amero or whatever will be used domestically. Another day, another scam.

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  4. frances snoot

    I’m afraid international trade will be running along different lines now: the Copenhagen Treaty is set to determine a system of balance amongst nations deriving its pointsource from carbon credit allowance. Sovereign decision will be an idea of the past, as all nations battle their own citizens attempting to ‘win’ at the carbon-credit table. The idea of money will undergo rapid and drastic alteration. Obama looks set to sign the treaty.

    SDR’s were inplemented recently to mitigate the effects of dollar devalution on the portfolios of the elite connected or sovereigns. Once the dollar is toasted, the elite will scoop up the assets, property, infrastructure, national parks, and even bodies of water. The Plan is to impoverish the masses in a system of corporate slavery. Tangible currency will be a relic.