Thank you Obama Deists: I've Solved a Commandment Dilemma!

by John Galt

October 1, 2009

Remember this story?

Religious Left Mock Prayer to Obama for Universal Healthcare

Yes, that’s right, I know they were not serious; uh, well, maybe the commies were, but heck, I’m not a freak so I do not know what is inside their mindset. This little ditty though is just to put a smile on your face as I’ve solved that one commandment that every now and then some of us violate without thinking and almost hourly if we play golf on a regular basis:

Thou shall not take the Lord’s name in vain

This is something that no matter how hard you try, when that iron shot finds that one plot on the fairway that is still muddy and sinks the ball 3/4 of an inch deep you tend to utter something you regret and of course you need to repent after saying it, or just save them all for the end of the golf game and then have a series of long discussions with God asking for forgiveness on every shank, bad putt, bad iron shot, spilled beer or whiffed tee shot (I’ve never done that, FYI, not that I would admit it either). So what does swearing at a golf game have to do with a bunch of Marxist pantywaist freaks praying to the President of the United States? Simple. Let’s stop swearing at our Lord. Let’s do what the Almighty in D.C. believe and the leftist fruits ask and substitute their “God on Mother Earth” for the Lord when we swear.

For example, instead of that offending “G.D.” that slips on occasion, we should substitute with the “O.D.” or “Obama Damnit.”

If you shank your tee shot, you should feel free to use the ever free flowing “Barack F*****” instead of slamming one’s female parent. If you’re putt misses, please, stop using the Lord’s name and start substituting the guy who thinks he’s in charge of everything by saying “Holy Huessein Sh** Almighty I can’t believe I missed that!” You see, this should make you feel a little better, even if you can’t clean up your language totally.

This has potential gang and I’m serious (well….). Remember when your Mom would walk into you’re room and use the phrase “Jesus H. Christ did we adopt you from a group of wild pigs?” Wouldn’t it sound better parents if you started yelling “Barack H. Obama are you some sort of feral animal in need of adoption!” The potential provided by the left from their actions is unlimited. And upon reflection, I truly am ashamed when I take the Lord’s name in an obscene rant, I mean that seriously.

Well, it’s time for me to take a break and watch the sports update locally. I’ll have more to say later tonight after I watch just what the Obama hell my Barack Obama Obama Obama Obama football team, the Bucs, did Barack H. now to ruin my Obama Obama football Barack season.

Barack H. Obama, they suck.



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2 responses to “Thank you Obama Deists: I've Solved a Commandment Dilemma!

  1. excellent

    he he haha. obama darnit !

  2. Holy Freaking Obama batman….yeah…lets change the whole lexicon…it’ll drive the left crazy.
    Then I can curse, at work, and it will catch on….;-)

    “I can’t believe I Barracked that up…”