The Land of the Free and the Home of the Fallen

By John Galt

September 29, 2009

As I was driving over to one of the other craters in the Florida real estate landscape, the East Coast, I was able to listen to the Glenn Beck show and reflect upon the news he was almost aghast to read and reveal as he chattered in his usual manner. The story that was emblazoned upon the front page of Drudge when I was awake some sixteen hours ago about the honor student being brutally murdered in Chicago by thugs, the story of the next group of school children singing praise to Obama, and the story of the mock prayer to Obama gave me a chilling feeling.  This feeling was one that our nation had taken a significant turn, one that we may not recover from.

With that being established, I will now answer the emails from the past week. I have not abandoned this blog yet, although I have considered it or moving it exclusively to the message boards I have posted on for years. The week was spent listening, reflecting, praying and hoping that the path our nation has chosen is reversible, that the groups who claim that political change will reverse the course is still possible. Alas, I must respectfully disagree with my friends in pursuit of freedom. This is not an entry about the movements, the politicians,  or our future. The week was used to reflect on the past, to determine where the future may lead for myself and our nation in my opinion. I do not wish to bore my readers with the personal concerns, this is the time to reflect on the nation and the danger we are now in.

The American people have had it pretty good for the past twenty-five years. We restored our nation’s honor. We defeated the Soviet Union under the leadership of a true patriot, Ronald Reagan.  America absorbed major body blows in 1987, 1990-91, 1997 and 2001 via economic conflagrations which would have destroyed a weaker nation yet we did not learn from those experiences and in fact magnified the mistakes by layering greater and greater leverage on to an economy in desperate need of a reset. The moral errors of the period have also been ignored. We honor criminals like O.J. Simpson with 24/7 car chases, glorifying rioters in thugs in Los Angeles, and paying homage to criminals by begging for leniency or pardoning them for their horrific actions. The worst aspects of our path over this period is a duplication of almost maddening proportions as America elected to expand on the vulgarities of Caligula by normalizing the obscene and denigrating the norm. All the while we witnessed and heaped scorn on the “traditionalist” religious points of view and origins of our nation. We wished to modify the religious texts of our history instead of honoring them while changing our history to accommodate the perversions of our modern era. If we did not like the end result we deleted the information on our heroes or made their negative character traits the primary exhibits of their accomplishments, denying the proper honor for the sacrifices so many have made.

There are some who will proclaim my opinion as that of a rabid Obama hater. The ignorant who have not read my entire body of work nor elected to actually read the details and ponder every word usually attack without thinking. This is beyond Obama. This is something that started as not so  innocent experiment to guarantee greed and avarice and has since turned into a vile attempt to corrupt a nation via financial and moral bankruptcy to enslave its citizens for decades to come. What we have witnessed with the praise and preaching to our President and attack of an innocent child in Chicago is the culmination of what we swore we would never become and never feared as it could never happen here.

It has happened.

We have fallen.

Pray for forgiveness.



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24 responses to “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Fallen

  1. JT

    I really hope you are wrong about this.
    Hopefully we have not fallen to far to recover. But as the days go by it appears you may be very correct.
    I first stumbled upon this blog about 3 months ago while google searching “John Galt”.
    Atlas Shrugged because a favorite of mine this spring and I have been curious to read more from minds similar to Ayn Rand ever since.
    If you have suggested list of reading, I’d love to hear it.

    thank you for you blog

  2. greenacr

    John – I hope you continue your website. There are more readers than you probably know. You are on my daily reading list. God Bless.

  3. Suzanne

    Well said.

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  5. Scott

    PLEASE DO NOT STOP WRITING. Or, at least let us know where you will be contributing to the collective consciousness of those who believe as you do. You are often the light of reason delivered in a straight forward and often comical eloquence that has become a rarity today. In other words… you make sense and are enjoyable to read.

    I look forward to your writings very much. They have help clear the fog of misinformation and given me the confidence and knowledge to help me spread the message to others with sensible and easy to understand logic.

    These writings are not falling on deaf ears… Jefferson would be proud.

  6. Brent

    Ditto. You provide subtitles in my mind to things I see everyday. Thank you.

  7. Bob

    First of all, thank you for writings. Your posts are always insightful and informative.

    With the current state of affairs, I am reminded of a scene from the movie “Hunt for Red October” when the Soviet sub Captain chasing the Red October launches his second set of torpedoes only to find them coming bck straight at him. Indeed, we have not learned from the past. This wonderful country has had many an opportunity to correct our path. And yet here we are facing the torpedoes.

    My take on your writings is that no, you are not an “Obama hater”. You a simply a lover of freedom as so many of us are. Those who can “see” are so frustrated with the throngs that accept being led down the path of destruction. It is imperative that each one of us take time as you have done to reflect on the past, examine what we truly believe in and make a stance for truth.

    I sense an awakening of sorts. More and more are standing up and questioning the pursuits of the elected officaldom. In order to “turn the torpedoes” we must all act NOW! This is not a New Year’s resolution or something “we will get to after the we finish this next project”. No, now is the time to be heard. We have elected people to serve us, not the other way around as it has been twisted.

    Sir, you are an important voice and one that should continue to be heard. I pray God gives you the courage, wisdom and personal strength to be steadfast in your writings. May God bless and protect you.

  8. Lawrence Roberge

    Bravo! Well said. Now, may I ask that after some reflection and synthesis, it would be great to hear your thoughts on how we can turn back from this nightmare?

    I see that even in a fire, we can escape, even in a fire, we can still fight it and perhaps extinguish it.

    We are in Hell, now how do we leave?

    Any thoughts?


  9. Chris

    Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, But those who keep the law strive with them. Prov. 28:4

    We are the pillar of truth. Society crumbles when good men do nothing.

    The battle is not over. Fight for the heart of your king!

  10. Jill

    Please don’t stop writing. I too check your website daily. Your economic analysis and perspective are unique and intelligent—a much needed voice in these times of confusion and brainwashing!

  11. Please do not stop writing, you are one of the heroes who have the ‘gall'(t) to step up to the plate, without fear, in your face, with honesty, for all.
    With that said, there is only one option that will be left for God’s people;
    We are Mystery Babylon…we will go down in “one hour”. Prepare…to hide in the one place ‘they’ will not find you…the Rapture is Satan’s lie to deceive the masses of those who are lost “through lack of knowledge”, prepare for your journey into the ‘wilderness’, we’ll be waiting for you.

  12. frances snoot

    Mr. Galt:
    No one can take freedom from the individual unless the individual freely digests their own personal agency with that of the corrupt collective. What we are witnessing in our country is pure selfishness of spirit: people who refuse to see the corruption and folly being pursued by government power out of a desire to advance personal agenda. Irregardless, the authorities may strip a man or woman of every possession except the individual’s freedom. What we must do is stand alone for what we know to be true: the right to liberty, moral purity, courage, sound principals. If we believe that the soul’s attainments trump those of the physical we can only win: we cannot lose! The fight for freedom was always one of personal agency!

    Although my views of history differ in perspective, your blog has been a wondrous place to come and feel at home.

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  14. JohnGault – please do not get discouraged and stop. I started following your posts in this last year and you inspired me to start my own blog (ok pretentious self plug noted). We need more voices not less. I too get frustrated trying to get a message across but I have decided I must persist even when the daily flood of disgusting topics is overwhelming. I want to encourage you with this because all is not yet lost but we are certainly circling the bowl in a downward spiral.

    If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

  15. christhompson

    Those who forsake the Law praise the wicket, but those who keep the Law strive with them. Prov. 28:4 We are the pillar of truth. Society collapses when good men do nothing. The battle is not over. Fight for the heart of your King!

  16. Pickdog

    Fellow Patriot. Could never give you the praise you deserve but I tried.

    May God Bless You and Yours.


  17. arnoldsimage

    great piece. i check often for new writings. please continue… because what you write is what a lot of us feel. thank you for the time you put in for us. arnie

  18. Please don’t stop writing. Your voice has changed from the banana throwing humorist into a saddened, shake-your-head-in-disbelief American but you are still the voice I want to read on a daily basis. I have a feeling most of your readers feel the same way, it was one thing to follow the fall of America when it seemed like it was farther away but now, with an ever approaching, fast paced race to the end we need a voice like your to remind us of our own humanity and why we will continue to strive for the Country we love.
    Even if it is painful I hope you continue to share with us.


    John, I hope you continue this website. There are far more readers than you probably know. I read you daily, please keep up your great work. God Bless.

  20. Doug

    Don’t give up the fight. There are still many good solid people in this country. Some of us look forward to your writings.

  21. Phillip the Boer

    I am also following your coments for a while from the most corupt and crime invested country in the world.

    The only thing that will save the world is GOD not Boeda, Ala or watever.

    Read the following Revelation

    Revelation 642 Satan by your faults you can’t be taught.
    Thursday 9 April 2009 15:30

    Satan, you always wants to control everything, and trained a lost humankind
    to your hand. You taught them to greedily, never say no to the glitter of a shiny
    motorcar and expensive house and controlled them through fashion.
    Upside down the economy is coming to a big fall. In front of you the
    worldpopulation will come down on their knees. How will they keep the creditors-
    knock away from their door. While you see yourself as the lord of lords, so many
    households, man and wife, accuses each other with a bitter blame.
    Again you want to exalt your miserable illusion thrown above the highest heaven.
    Why in all eternity o Satan by your faults you can’t be taught. To your disgrace
    My holy watchers through you down with brutal force. Lost in their battle your
    followers will be casted into an eternal fire. You charm the people in the illusion
    of give and give while all of that will dissolve in the pool of fire. You want to act
    as the creator lord but before you start, everything already disappear for you
    o Satan who want to control the world, for you Michael will come to suit you right.
    With another enormous fall you come from your illusion high to earth flying down.
    Bound in an unbreakable chain you’ll never motivate humankind to evil again.
    Over a sewerage kingdom you will become the lord of flies. For your company
    will by brought the false prophet and the beast so for eternity you can irritate
    each other to the bone. All your earthly riches and wealth will be given to you
    in a pulpy mash upside down in hell.

  22. Pete47

    We followed you every friday night for years and contributed when we could. Your words and writings are important, even inspiring to our household. Friday night just aren’t the same anymore.
    Don’t let them take another voice of reason away. Even if it seems you are speaking to the wilderness, there are people that listen and appreciate all the work you do. Your economic discussions make what is clearly a fuzzy subject much clearer for me at least.
    Its hard to ask you to continue when all around you become discouraged but if you can find it in your heart, we appreciate all the effort.
    Thanks John, may God watch over you and your family.

  23. mthomas

    I personally find the whole system of govt support of private asset markets such as real estate ridiculous and a huge waste of time and money. I agree with those who say that there should be no Fannie and Freddie, and that the govt should allow the buyers and sellers to determine prices by themselves. This would avoid the series of booms and busts that we are now experiencing. And it would also prevent the misallocation of resources to nonproductive govt organizations that do not provide a financially beneficial purpose.

    I agree about the pain coming, and a lower standard of living for the large majority of people. This is the result of reckless govt spending and huge fiscal deficits cuz the political system allows for huge conflicts of interest between the short term desires of elected officials and the long term health of the country. So for the average person I think one of the few ways to protect him or herself from these issues is to invest in some gold related assets, because gold should continue to perform well due to the Fed’s policies to avoid any form of deflation. I recently read some good articles on these topics at that I think are useful for investors to check out. They discuss in detail the unintended consequences of all the money printing, as well as the potential impact on the dollar, the gold price, and the prospects for the global economy.