Prepetorial #23: Silence is Golden

by John Galt

September 22, 2009

“So honey, how did  your radio show and day go today?” the lovely Mrs. Willis asked as she always does as the family sits down for dinner. To the surprise of her husband though, the deeply concerned look on her face gave away the motives behind the question. “Ah sweetheart, are you really that worried about all of the public reaction to what I have been saying? I mean heck, I’m down to 450 stations or so and we still have the right to free speech” Tom replied with his usual comforting tone, despite his eyes giving away his deep concerns also. “Yes Tom, I am worried. Today my cell phone rang more than four times with an unknown caller in the display and every time I answered it, someone hung up on me. I know this number is private so I am getting very worried” Ann replied, her eyes slightly red from crying earlier. “Don’t worry baby, I will have Frank pick up a new phone for you tomorrow morning with a new number and you will be fine.  It’s just that the talk radio format is going through some changes and the nutcases are everywhere now.

Let’s just relax and enjoy another Monday evening together. After dinner, there’s a great Monday Night Football game between Chicago and A…..” and just as Tom Willis, famous talk show host under another name was finishing that sentence, the lights went out in his house and the emergency lights clicked on. Suddenly while Tom was getting up, windows shattered in the dining room and tear gas filled the room. “Ann, grab Toby, I’ll get Cindy, back door, NOW!” he screamed as the choking fumes filled the room. Without hesitation they reached the back door and Tom put his daughter down to grab his pistol in the drawer at the vanity by the door. As he stepped outside  he stumbled over his dead bodyguards and dropped his pistol. Before he could finish the word “Why” two rounds  hit him square in the forehead killing him. The last thing he ever saw being his dead bodyguards, wife and children in his own back yard.



As the National Anthem finished playing and both teams started jumping up and down ready to start the game, the fans in Chicago were ready for this key game early in the season when suddenly the Public Address Announcer blared out:

“The National Police have determined that it is unsafe for anyone to assemble at any public events. All sporting events, motion picture showings, plays or assemblies are canceled until the terror threat has subsided. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to resume the NFL season at a later date and time when it is safer for the public.”

Frank, sitting up in the nose bleed section with the hard core fans was in a state of shock. The players were escorted off of the field by almost two hundred officers and the fans started to get restless, booing and throwing popcorn and beer at stadium officials and workers. What disturbed Frank more was the sudden appearance of hundreds if not thousands of heavily armed State and National Police in the stands. “Bill, let’s head on out of here, I don’t like the looks of this” Frank yelled in his ear and Bill chugging his beer shook his head as they started the long trek to the exits. As they approached the gate to get out, the line for some reason was absurdly long.  “Now what?” Frank yelled at Bill and he replied “Maybe they think the ragheads like the Bears!” he screamed back in the din of shouting and upset fans.  As he got closer to the line, he saw a guy running suddenly to get past the guards and as whoever the nut was he found out how Tasers work and they hit him at least seven times. “I wonder why that moron ran?” Bill asked and Frank just shrugged his shoulders.

When they got to the front of the line there were six NP’s (National Police) standing around a table with two unarmed State Policemen. They took both of us at the same time and started the survey:

Name, age, eye color, home address, name of spouse, names of children, etc.

Then they asked each of them for the driver’s license to validate what they could. After that the State Police said please put your right thumb and right index finger on the ink pad and press them here.  At that point Fred paused and asked “Why do you need my fingerprints? I do have rights here still don’t I?” The apparent lead NP, hand on the pistol on his hip replied “Yes, you do have rights but tonight they are suspended until all of the suspects are rounded up.”  Fred complied as did Bill, both angrier by the minute when the final question was asked by the State Policeman “How many firearms do you own?” Fred look puzzled and replied “Uh, three sir. Why?” At that point one of the NP’s moved towards him and said please come with me sir.” Fred was now terrified as he walked away and Bill was being wrestled  to the ground and beaten after taking a swing at one of the guards. “What the hell did I answer wrong?” he wondered to himself as the plastic seal handcuffs numbed his fingers.



One state away at a Cabela’s Sporting Goods store in Indiana, the alarm was blaring away as the National Police began the process of securing and hauling all of the ammunition and firearms out of the store into several National Guard vehicles. The manager for the store arrived in a horrified state of shock, watching this, then keying the code in to silence all of the various alarms. “Sir, what is happening here?” he asked a Captain with the Guard who replied “Ask the Regional Major over there sir, we are here to secure only.” The RM’s were the regional officers assigned to several counties in each state with oversight of the activities of the National Police for that region and they tended to behave with a heavy hand. The RM looked over at the store manager and before one word was uttered shoved a piece of paper titled “Declaration of Emergency Conditions and Nationalization Act of November 2010” then said to him in an authoritative tone “Read it, prepare to sign it and I will swear you in after we inventory the weapons and ammunition.”

The store manager lost it at that point, sat down on the curb with the single sheet of paper and started bawling like a baby.



For those that follow my “Prepetorial” series, you would recognize that obviously the above sections are total fictional. The scary thing is that we may soon be approaching a time where once again, truth is stranger than fiction. If one were to propose such a scenario in 1999, I might have called that insane and crazy by any stretch of the imagination. The horrifying prospect though is that once the reigns of power are seized completely, there is nothing to stop a strong centralized government that wishes to impose a single, swift stroke that usurps the Constitution and engages in some of the outrageous examples exhibited above.

So why the title of “Silence is Golden” for a Prepetorial like this?

Think about your neighbors, your friends, your cohorts and coworkers. Do you ever remember hearing them discuss the news events of regulatory agencies in Washington, DC or your own state capitol? Do you ever notice that the mainstream media deliberately obscures news from around the world and nationally for events that are important but too violent or against their goals and objectives? Do you ever notice that everything you read, see or hear now is being filtered IF you only depend on the mainstream media and newspapers for information?

The video “The Story of Stuff” being circulated around our schools and churches (over 7000 according to Glenn Beck) is a shocking display of the audacity of the new Marxist movement ruling our nation now. The subject matter is of no shock to anyone who stays aware. Who seeks out what is left of the alternative media. Who thinks for themselves. The scary part is that now, more than ever, your children, our neighbors, our friends are being indoctrinated into a subculture of “we must do what is good for everyone or the nation will perish” instead of the ideas of our Founding Fathers, of a strong family, personal initiative and enforcing and protecting our God given freedoms. The path we are on now all ties together and the shift in America’s path is no longer guaranteed to be one of the ideals most of us grew up with.

Thus why silence is golden to the powerful. They wish to dictate the news, the flow of opinion and the rights to protect yourself from their ideas, their minions, their foot soldiers. The day and time will come where they seize power in a Krystalnacht type of exercise based on a trumped up event or allowing a real “man made disaster” as they call it to occur. I no longer think that it is a time to say if but when. The new structure of our government at every level is no longer there to protect and serve the people, but to protect and serve an idealism, a religion of man not God, and to resurrect a failed system with a new name and goal to preserve centralized control from now on.

At some point in time, which all of the readers here will realize, the time will come to go dark. We are not there yet. But to prepare for that eventuality will be the most difficult decision of your life. You must get right with God, understand the dangers involved and be prepared to suspend friendships and trust within your inner circle if they are willing to work with the new authorities “for your own good” as the saying goes. You will be alone at first. You will be hunted. You will be viewed as the walking dead. You will be given no quarter.

Accept those facts, prepare and you may live. But if you fail or are one of the unfortunate in the coming years, remember this old adage:

It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.



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8 responses to “Prepetorial #23: Silence is Golden

  1. John,

    Thanks again for a thought provoking piece! You admonished the reader to get right with God. That is the beginning to being able to navigate through what comes. We need the Holy Spirit and prayer in order to “know” for ourselves and to discern. Without Jesus Christ it’s over for a man, regardless of his level of preparation. Soon, we’ll be in that day when no man can work.God Bless you and yours and keep you and yours!


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  3. Pickdog

    Vaya con Dios Brother. Going to be a very bumpy ride.


  4. J.T.

    It’s definitely latter than we seem to think, (by the way people voted, and are still “hoping for change”).

    The transfer of total control over the powers of Government into SOLELY the EXECUTIVE is embedded (quietly, but thoroughly), in the massive text of the new Health Care Bill, (which, BTW, is NOT it’s real purpose).

    Also, the “PANDEMIC” (that isn’t), will offer an even MORE convincing method for declaring Martial Law, than the “Terrist” have.

    Simply put, the pieces are almost ALL in place. Oh!

    Did I mention the minor little irritation over East of Israel? God help us all if Israel DOES “go for it”!

    Yes…we’re headed for “interesting times”…THANKS for the HINT

  5. Cat Callahan

    Will we be safe in another country? I have several friends who have gone or are getting ready to go to Central and South America. When the Bible says”Come out of her…” do they mean America(Mystery Babylon the Great)? How long until we are forced to be chipped? Not long, I feel…

  6. KN

    Rather better to live on one’s knees to God.

  7. Jay

    There will be no place to hide. You have more markers on your person right now than you could possibly imagine. When microchips are in the food you eat and the air you breath and they work with your brain like a supplemental computer, forget trying to hide. The technology is now in place to track everything about everyone who has ever been registered with any government anywhere. The rest are being locked in to the systems database as we speak. Listening/monitoring devices and micro-cameras are watching at all levels. No place to hide on planet earth. The time of Jacobs trouble is just ahead. Don’t be here when it all comes down.

  8. Elitist Buster

    The media is a total lie, has been since man started writing and today it is a well oiled controlled propaganda machine ran by elitist NWO’ers who hire intellectual whores to do their mind control. Turn off the sound and just watch the video with your own thoughts.