Beware a week of Instability

by John Galt

September 14, 2009

This week is one that I shall warn of briefly. We are entering into a week of massive instability on a geopolitical and economic basis. The Middle East is rumbling, the Russians are dropping hints they are about to re-engage again in a major way, and the region of Kashmir had another flare up this past week. Add in the regional banks finally getting the pressure they deserve since the realization that the earnings being declared are bogus, a stretched rally that has moved on 30-40% less volume than the downward move that started last summer, and an administration that looks like it is willing to start a trade war with our central banker in Beijing. September 18th is the key date so stay tuned boys and girls, we could be in for one wild ride.



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5 responses to “Beware a week of Instability

  1. Chris

    Why September 18? Please elaborate.

  2. snowsquaw

    Hi John. Glad to be here!

    yes- the week ahead will prove very interesting. when the markets ‘get’ what is happening vis a vis the derivitives/China deal… WOW to the moon alice!

  3. Joe Shmo

    Why Sept 18th? Is there something significant about Friday in particular? I tend to follow Fridays since this is the day the FDIC announces bank closings. Is there something else that is causing you to highlight this day of the week particularly?

  4. christhompson

    Why is September 18th a key date? Please elaborate..

    No one is addressing the lost revenue from property taxes for local governments…If people are not paying their mortgages then most likely they are not paying into their escrow accounts either. When the bill comes due, local governments are going to be in deeper trouble…

  5. Pickdog