September 2009 Flash Update: Czar Unemployment Rate

by John Galt

September 7, 2009

On this Labor Day a flash news update from the Glenn Beck Department of Labor hit the news wires and this is what I could call good news. As we sit now the Czar Unemployment Rate (CUR) is sitting at 3.13%.  Hopefully it will reach 100% soon.




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2 responses to “September 2009 Flash Update: Czar Unemployment Rate

  1. LJ

    Glen Beck…the shill of the planet. Thank God (the real one – His name Is Jesus Christ) that he wasn’t reporting more than 3.5%…otherwise the eternal burning pit is the only place for him…the Glen Beck shill of the planet…The only thing one can say is that there is a John Galt…the truth of the news and statistics. I can only hope the end is nearer now than just a few minutes ago, as I am growing more than weary of the things that have come and are coming. Make sure you have your beans, bullets and band aids stored up…cuz yer gonna need’m!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The great Mogambo only uses three…so this is really scary!)

  2. Administrator

    Glenn is ok. He just has a bank account to protect also.-:)