You've Been Suckered

by John Galt

September 4, 2009

A caller to Neal Boortz’s radio show made about the most intelligent point that I have ever heard on the various Obamanation subjects of his speech to the school children next week and the Obamacare debate. I believe his name was “John” (no relation, my apologies if I’m wrong) and he called in the 11 o’clock hour of this mornings program if memory serves me correctly. He said that the conservatives and protesting parents regarding the Obama speech to the children was the perfect political plan and typical of the advisers to this administration. Think about it gang, you’ve been suckered.

You take your kids out of class next Tuesday. You send angry letters to local school officials or call principals and vent. You scream bloody murder or set up a boycott in front of the school. Then Obama presents his speech and it is released to his willing allies in the MPM (Mainstream Propaganda Managers, there is no more MSM) and guess what? The speech starts with Obama reciting the United States Pledge of Allegiance, proceeds to the importance of staying in school and getting good grades, and highlights some of the positive contributions that the public education system has promoted for society as a whole. In other words the much speculated indoctrination speech was shelved and the much ballyhooed over reaction is portrayed as sponsored by political operatives looking to sabotage America and this Presidency. Guess what gang? The ignorant sheeple will buy that also. If you don’t believe me, here’s a reminder of who is President one more time:


Bingo! The conservative movement is minimalized, the sheeple stop paying attention and the night after the education speech, we get the joint session of Congress presentation where the liberals have already been tipped to act within the desires of the White House and a much more “moderate” Obama appears before the nation. This allows some sort of plan to sail through because he turns the tide of public opinion on two fronts and while us suckers go “damn, he got us” the foundation for the real health care program he REALLY wants is buried in administrative department initiatives and creations throughout the “new” bill.

So please folks, be careful about your reactions. Don’t fall for this. Don’t act insane. Express your concerns but act reasonably. If you think a 50% absentee rate in your children’s schools will matter, it will not as they will spin it as “loons and right wing radicals” attacking the President in America’s time of need. Be careful as to what you wish for as this administration has all of the SLICK that Slick Willie’s administration enjoyed because of the people working in the background. These are dangerous times and if you attempt to divert the subject matter from what is really important they will play you like a sucker and leave any legitimate claims to be represented in public opinion in the future as fluffernuttery and conspiracy nonsense.



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13 responses to “You've Been Suckered

  1. RCP


    I usually agree with you 100% but must step aside on this one. His stock is free falling and the dew is off the rose. His popularity is at 45% or less and i dont think his speech on Tuesday is going to change that. The KoolAid drinkers will beat the drum but I think he is in REAL trouble. Add Van Jones scandal and the pending exposures of the other real commiee Czars and he has a forest fire on his hands.

    I never thought Jimmy Carter would be upstaged as the worst president but BHO is on his way.

    Thanks for your continued hard work.


    • Administrator

      Never underestimate these people. The are studying a model and the exact same fluctuations (over longer periods of time, of course) happened to another leader who struck deals with large corporations and political allies.

      That leader ruled Italy until the partisans strung him up: Mussolini.

  2. LA

    I don’t think the speech was the problem; most of us remember not paying attention in school especially during an assembly.

    The real issue is the teaching materials that the Dept of Education suggested. There were some very bizarre exercises included; How can I help the president.

    My issue is with the President’s message becoming part of the curriculum; not a single speech.

    • Administrator

      Exactly. The “additional” side items have been withdrawn. But I wonder if the students who are held out of class will create a special “flag” for the parents within the administrations of those school districts sympathetic to Herr Obama’s cause celeb. That is the big question for me, database creation and what the purposes are.

  3. RCP

    I am still envisoning a big projector screaming out “Rosebud! to children of 2009!

  4. koios

    I’m curious about what “techniques” will be used. Ingrained strobe, etc.

    His handlers are purty smart.

    Van Jones will pass away w/o any notice.

  5. Miss Beck

    Admin, you’ve got a point on their taking names and creating data bases on the children’s families who don’t show up on Tuesday. There’s no telling what that info could be used for in the future…
    Perhaps it would be better NOT to make a fuss, but instead call in and say your child has a Dentist Appointment, orthodontist appointment, Dr. Appt…. Anything other than you are holding them out because of the speech.
    Of course, that would only work if you haven’t already made a public fuss at school…
    Good call.

  6. Kurt

    This will not be the last about face or down a worm hole tactic buy David Axelrod. David after all runs the show never forget that. If you have Mr. Axelrod’s number you have a far better understanding of the inter workings of Obama and his every breath. Learn about this man and all that surrounds him. He is in the shadows always but with not only the direct ear of the president but of all others that have the president’s ear. David is the cog of the Obama wheel. My friends you aint seen nothing yet.

  7. Tom

    Good points…that’s why we are very quiet in our withdrawal of our sanction of the system…home-school ALL our kids, buy used instead of new, organic micro-farm, cash, barter…now if I could engineer a cloaking device for my house…:)

  8. frances snoot

    So please folks, be careful about your reactions. Don’t fall for this. Don’t act insane. Express your concerns but act reasonably…

    It is not your place to worry about the actions that parents are taking on behalf of their children, Mr. Galt. The reason many parents are opting out of the speech is a disgust with Obama’s message:

    Yes we can.

    It’s a message ad for statism.
    Parents that are pulling their children out of the schools at the INCEPTION of the statist program have a message to deliver to the White House:

    No. My family is not to be a part of the collective effort to exalt the state at the expense of the individual. No. The state does not have a responsibility to exalt the agency of the community over the agency of the family or the individual.

    It’s the first pushback as I see it.

    • Administrator

      Frances, no problem with that. It’s the people who have been on radio, message boards, and television screaming like idiots that destroys the credibility of the opposition. The same tactics to incite the opposition and destroy their viability were executed by Mussolini and Lenin in the 1920’s and guess what? It worked.

  9. Administrator

    For those who wish to read this non-event, here is the link via Drudge to the speech. It’s a non-event as predicted.

  10. frances snoot

    Innocuous address had some in uproar…Obama asks kids to cut down on TV watching and video games and, mindful of swine flu, to wash their hands a lot.


    Obama’s central message in his inauguration speech was statist in intent, calling for a country where: “imagination is joined to common purpose.”

    The speech today draws upon this central idea:
    And this isn’t just important for your own life and your own future. What you make of your education will decide nothing less than the future of this country.
    If you don’t do that – if you quit on school – you’re not just quitting on yourself, you’re quitting on your country.
    Because when you give up on yourself, you give up on your country.
    The story of America isn’t about people who quit when things got tough. It’s about people who kept going, who tried harder, who loved their country too much to do anything less than their best.
    So today, I want to ask you, what’s your contribution going to be?
    What will a president who comes here in twenty or fifty or one hundred years say about what all of you did for this country?

    Intersticed between the ‘I had a hard time too’ and ‘Wash your hands’ is a statist message from the president which has only strengthened in resolve and fury with the passing months of the Obama presidency.

    Parents who opted out of the speech are making a differentiation between the role of the state and the role of individual agency in a child’s goal-structure and world outlook. Parents who opted out are not “birther” extremists but rather guardians of a liberty which the present administration in Washington would term “selfish”.