Your "MUST" read of the evening

by John Galt

September 1, 2009

Q2 2009 Bank Stress Test Results: The Zombie Dance Party Rocks On

Folks, the group at Institutional Risk Analysis are so far ahead of the curve, I can only URGE everyone to read this story and notice the grades. I pretty much put everything with a ‘C’ grade or lower as toast in this current environment so get ready for a year ending in tumult.


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One response to “Your "MUST" read of the evening

  1. Pete47

    Thanks again for the updates, keep them coming.
    We miss the friday night “dancing with bananas”.

    How can the FDIC keep these banks viable? It would have to be an enormous effort on the part of the banks management to keep this info off book. Where are the accounting companies that are supposed to prevent just this type of thing from happening?