Prepetorial#22: "Forbidden"

By John Galt

August 31, 2009

I don’t like Mondays.

Not only is that a fact of life, it is a great song by the Boomtown Rats which just happened to be blaring from my clock radio this morning as everything seemed as normal as can be, at least for 5:01 a.m. on a hot, sweaty Monday morning in my little apartment just outside of Orlando. The morning show had the usual cast of characters I enjoyed but the news guy started the show right after the intro speaking about some sort of “Breaking News” on the economy and at that point in time, I hit the snooze button because I was broke despite working two jobs  and couldn’t give a crap.  Seven minutes later the alarm went off again and the music was cranking out and with that, I dragged myself out of bed and hit the power button on my computer and stumbled into the kitchen. I figured that by the time Vista crashed twice I would get my morning constitutional in and have the coffee started before proceeding to my job at one of the few banks that did not participate in the insanity we had witnessed for the last four years.

As the coffee finished the cycle and my bleary eyes stumbled back into the kitchen with my mega jug of Five O’Clock still steaming, I noticed that the alarm clock  went off again, as dopey me I hit the snooze instead of the off button. Here it was 5:15 a.m. on a Monday morning and I was no closer to getting motivated to “Produce, Provide, Protect” as the  administration’s new motto blared every ten minutes it seemed on any radio station you tuned to. The “3 for America” ads had been running for a week and to be honest, I did no give a crap if they were from the Democrats or Republicans, the ads were just plain out annoying. I knew it as I head into work and had to deal with the aggravation of government regulations and the banking system as I tried to help little old ladies refinance their mortgages and keep unemployed people from losing it all that this job just did not pay enough, even though it was better than the alternative.

I clicked on my IE icon on my desktop and the default home page should have appeared but instead, this weird screen appeared:


To say that I was stunned was one thing, shocked was another. Why in the world would get a “FORBIDDEN” error message? I thought to myself “this is going to be one of those Mondays, I can tell already” and with a sip of coffee clicked on my bookmarks for FrugalSquirrels. Boom, same screen, same error message, and now a very weird feeling coming over me.  With that sudden shock,  I decided to try the old mainstay of the Internet, The Drudge Report to see what the news was if any that might be impacting the Internet in the U.S. Instead of using IE, I figured maybe it was a new problem with Microsoft so I opened up Mozilla’s Firefox browser, clicked on the Drudge bookmark and got a message with a weirder screen:


Now, I was spooked. Why was I getting a weird line from and who in the world is attacking the Internet. With that disturbing start to my morning, I elected to turn on my long ignored cable television and get the news of the world. I flipped the channel over to one of our local stations, WESH, and there was a government official from the state reading a series of instructions about shopping, buying gas and other mundane everyday things. I know that I had not enjoyed much coffee yet and was still half asleep, but when I went to bed last night there was not a hurricane within two thousand miles of Orlando, so that could not be it. I turned the volume up and just as the reporter was getting ready to cover the Internet story, my phone rang. I muted the television and much to my surprise it was the bank manager asking if I could be at the bank within the hour. “Sure, barring traffic problems, no big deal”  I stammered and now hurried to get ready for work.

I had my favorite music station on in the background but the flow of very heavy traffic for Orlando at 6:30 a.m. caught me off guard and I did not pay attention to much of anything on the radio. Usually it wasn’t this bad until I went into the office around 7:30 to 8:00 a.m.  When I pulled into the parking lot, there were two Florida State Patrol cars, a Brinks security car and my boss, the non-smoking bank manager shaking and smoking a Camel in the parking lot. “What is going on Mr. Bevins?” I asked with that innocence of being a twenty something who had no clue as to what was going on in the big world, even though I knew better. He stammered out “We are open for two hours daily until further notice, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and that’s it. We are only allowed to give out $20 per day per customer and worse, any safety deposit box access requires the Brinks agent and a State Patrol officer to be present and the Brinks guard to conduct an inventory with the customer in the back office. This is going to be bad, I’m telling, you, the President is making a speech at 8 a.m. Eastern time and people will be very upset.”

I had to ask at that point in time after hearing this, “Is that why the Internet is down?” Mr. Bevins looked at me with a shocked look and said only “It is?” Then the Brinks plainclothes guy interrupted and said “Sirs, the Internet was taken down to prevent any unauthorized information or financial transactions from occurring. This plan was established in 2008 to prevent problems should the banking crisis worsen. Homeland Security is in charge now and any access attempts to unauthorized websites will probably result in a phone call or a visit from a Domestic Electronic Security Division officer.”

At that point in time I felt a little pale but figured they would be too busy with other problems.  I thanked the Brinks guard, looked at my boss and asked for a smoke.  “I didn’t know you smoked?”,  Mr. Bevins said as his shaky hand handed me the filter-less Camel. “I don’t”, I replied, “but it appears to be a good time to start.”

As with all of my prior Prepetorials, the above is obviously purely fiction. Recent events dictate that fiction seems to be turning into reality on an almost daily basis. The headline that blared on Drudge last week sent a chill down my spine and has been updated today:

Proposed bill would give president emergency control of private

Internet connections

As I struggled all weekend to try to save my old blog from the hack attack this story really bothered me and gave me pause to start asking questions and to start doing a little basic math.

Q: Why would the President or any government official seek these powers?

A: Because future events dictate that these powers WILL be needed to maintain control of the population.

Q: What events would dictate such a drastic course of action?

A: Who knows; we can speculate however, a bank holiday would require it; a domestic terror attack would require it; a foreign war shouldn’t cause it but might create an excuse to do it. Or worse, an economic calamity which triggers a drastic restriction on freedoms as yet unforeseen.

Q: Who will have the ultimate control of the Internet inside our borders?

A: The same people who have attacked Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for their radio and television programs; the same people who have worked to silence the LPFM programs in communities nationwide; the same people that view non-compliant citizens with “their” programs or opponents of “their” ideals as a threat to their perceived perverted version of America.

Thus in our world of logic, 1+1+1 still equals 3 but in their world they determine the answers and the threat to the flow of information and interaction between citizens will be shut down. That is why you have to be prepared for this morning. Do not just type information in chat rooms and giggle like a school girl with “LOL’s” in their conversations about idle subjects; YOU MUST BEGIN DOWNLOADING ANY AND ALL INFORMATION CRUCIAL TO YOUR FAMILY’S SURVIVAL NOW. I have made a series of notebooks with waterproof plastic covers on subjects as diverse as creating a crystal radio from an oatmeal can, to tuning a 80mb low power transmitter and matching it to an antenna, or even nuclear war survival strategies (Thank you Shane at ) that might seem mundane but you never know when you will need it!

Use the resources at the various blogs and message boards and get what you need NOW. If you honestly believe that this administration (or Bush’s for that matter) want you dependent on anyone but their omnipotent government agencies, you are sadly mistaken. If you think that for one minute they are not more than happy to have total control of a population by lining them up behind a FEMA trailer for food and water,  money and gasoline, or medicine and Doctor’s care, you are grossly in error. In the long run they would love to have the power over every one’s freedoms not because of the power itself, but because there is a lot of money to be made in this. If you don’t believe me, look at the other dictators in history and how well they lived off of the labor of their people.

I must stress that time is very, very short now. The open and bold declarations of intent from Washington, D.C. indicate that there are very few limits that will be placed on their powers and little the American people can do other than protest and set up meetings, soon to be under direct control of the whims of local diversity administrators which will eliminate opposition ideals as needed using whatever methods they deem necessary. You do not want to turn your computer on to check on your bank account or seek treatment for a poisonous snake or spider bite only to see the 403 Forbidden message on your screen. Take the time, download what you need and prepare the books now.

Tomorrow is one less day to prepare and one more day too late.



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14 responses to “Prepetorial#22: "Forbidden"

  1. pam

    great article. please consider a story on green czar van jones/verichip now verigreen energy corp/stimulus money and the healthcare bill, specifically page 1001…implantable chips and database. full story with bill and links at i am under surveillance for reporting this so please check it out. love, pam

  2. Bob Eldridge

    Most can not receive the Truth that the Lord is in control of all things, events in mankind, the purpose being to bring His harvest to full growth or perfection. Denominations of religion of this world have distored the Truth over the years until there is no Truth given in their meeting places. They are today worse in self worship than Israel was at the time of their visitation and we are now again about to be visited by our Lord. In His Truth there is complete saftey and asurance of preservation. Time is short. Don’t beleive in the phisical things of this world to preserve, it’s all temporary.

  3. scott


  4. Scott T.

    There is only one reason to take over the Internet! To keep us all from being able to talk when they do what it is they’re planning to do, which will include martial law! What is it? They will announce that we are no longer a nation, but rather are now part of global community.

    Think economic recession (depression). In reality it is equalization of economies. If you look at the trade agreements being pushed and controlled by the WTO, you will see rich countries pouring out their wealth to poor countries. Why? If you want to create a global government, wouldn’t the countries involved want to be on equal footing, economically?

  5. Cat Callahan

    Have you seen the new cops lately? The New World Order thugs who are armed and protected to the hilt?They will be arriving at 4 AM to awaken you and haul you off to a FEMA camp complete with guillotines and crematories. Think I am nuts? I actually heard a couple longshoremen who accidently dropped wooden crates which broke and exposed they contained guillotines! No YOU tell me, what would FEMA(that was on the side of those crates)be doing with huge human-sized guillotines-if they had no intention of using them? These bastards are so arrogant and in-your-face that their plans are painted all over the Denver Airport!

  6. exjob

    This is probably a temporary Domain Name Server problem with your T-Mobile GPRS connection.
    If you try again later or clear your DNS cache you should be able to view the websites.
    It might be something more spooky.

  7. Get to know your neighbors. Identify all those who work for any government agency. Your survival depends on knowing the Lord and knowing your neighbors.

  8. C. Coats

    I always enjoy the information that you provide to the people that frequent your site. I am shocked that you have not be a down loader of great magnatude. I thought that you would have had tons of info downloaded by now??
    I have been downloading all information that is deemed useful for years and currently have over 1TB filled! Also an extra computer that is in a safe location in a EMP proof cage just in case the unthinkable should happen.
    Information is critical in a time turmoil! Medical survival, books , music,I have been busy. Also John your article’s!
    I would just like to add that I have been geting these screens for sometime now and have learned to navigate around their blocks. Security is one of the most important things you can have! I have found it very trying and shocking whsn I have been repeatedly blocked!! Then you will get very strange phone calls with names like Edgar Allen Poe or Ulysses S. Grant or even Ronald Regan coming over your caller ID screen on the phone. It will scare you and your family!!! This is their intent! SO DOWNLOAD all information that is helpful for you and your family, because the day will soon come that you my friend will not have a new post that others can read !! Keep up the great work !

  9. Can't find it

    You know…I am very aware of a lot of dark things we do…as a nation…and of some government actions…I can believe HAARP is a tamper-tool, that FEMA has internment camps set up for MANY, that it is all an illusion, and coming our way at light-speed…but, swear to God…for the life of me, I can’t find a SOUL in industry that can, has or would (or does) make guillotines!!! I keep hearing about them being made…about them being shipped, about them being stored…but I can’t find a single company, in the WORLD that makes them!!! I’ve worked in industry for years, since I left the service…know most every company that manufactures something in the free-world…and unless it is all being made in Gepetto’s shop, beside Pinochio’s balls, I swear…no one can produce a manufacturer for guillotines!!! Someone…if you know, please SHARE the info!!! Who is making them…just throw out a company name!

  10. Can't find it

    FYI…BTW : Don’t super-sweat the EMP thing on computers…might I recommend the following for real-world EMP protection of your data and systems: First, back it up! You can buy a Terabyte drive for $125, if not less…get one! A stand-alone backpack drive. Now, USB it into your computer system…just plug it in. Now, back it up…the whole thing. now, make a routine to do that weekly, or whatever. Ok..unplug the drive. Drop the cables…keep them on your desk, or whatever. Take the drive…wrap it carefully (don’t drop it) in 4-layers of aluminum foil…lead sheet is MUCH BETTER…but heavy weight Reynolds Wrap will work. Now, go to Wallie World and buy a $75 fire-safe that it will fit in…and lock it up in there. You are now data-protected. A four-layer wrap secured your data from Alpha and Beta radiation…gamma? forget it…if you or it gets hit with gamma, just get a pen and paper out, and write “if you find it, you can have it”…because you are dead. EMP from a nuke (assuming you are far enough away that you LIVE afterwards) is no worse on unplugged electronics that are shielded from beta-radiation than a rare-earth magnet held at 1-ft distance to your drive…so, you have shielding and distance while it is unpowered in your new safe…voila…data has integrity, and is protected! Someone really creative would get a drill and extra cooling fans going, and convert this to powered-up, real-time nuke safe protection…you’d think… 😉

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  12. Joseph

    How many of you were around when dial up existed and there were bbs’s that distributed information and downloads? If the global internet is off line; How about everyone getting wireless devices and creating a community free network to talk and keep local folks informed? It dosen’t take a large server to process information. Yes, these are simple ideas in relatonship to the global internet and what you can search for. However it is still a way to keep in touch and share important information. If the internet goes offline, many how have skype, Internet Phones and such will also be offline.

  13. KN

    If you are going to keep your info electronically, you may want to consider optical. Either way, it assumes you have a way to read it after TSHTF. I agree with John that a hardcopy is the most reliable.

  14. Kathy

    This has happened to me as well.It is NOT a server problem wake up people get your head out of your @#$ and smell the coffee. The website I tried was I hadn’t tried it for a long time and when I went back to it this is the message I received. I have tried several different times. The information that was on that page I couldn’t find on other websites that is what sent up a red flag for me. Will we be seeing more “red flags” in the USA?