Pictures from the Depression of 2009 in Florida

Pictures from the Depression of 2009 in Florida

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by John Galt

August 23, 2009

As many of you know, I travel all over the state of Florida and when time allows, I attempt to take pictures to just document what this economic collapse in Florida looks like. I do have pictures from a food bank in Fort Myers but could not get permission to publish them so for this series, I will have to withhold those pictures. However here are some photos to review with some brief descriptions. All were taken in late 2008 through July of 2009.


A new Circuit City in Sebring, FL of U.S. 27 which opened, operated for about 3 months and then shut down with the bankruptcy.

I guess this guy doesn’t read the paper.


A former Standard Pacific subdivision project in Englewood, FL. Those who bought at the highest prices just have to be thrilled with this view.


Another picture from the project in Englewood. No traffic jams here!


The bums at the Gandy Blvd. exit off I-275 in Saint Petersburg assembling their cardboard signs and grooming for their morning beg.


Welcome to Hunter Creek! A development of weeds east of Sarasota.


Plenty of room for houses, horses, cows, snakes, weeds, etc….


A brilliant idea. Clear some swamp in Palmetto, FL, call it a luxury housing project and convince people to buy at the top of the market.


Well, maybe not such a brilliant idea. But at least the mosquitoes have their natural habitat still intact.

This is about typical but the seller is probably still asking too much. You see these at numerous intersections in Florida it seems.


Welcome to North Port, FL. Please discard your 2007 or older road maps as many streets are now CLOSED.


A failed development off of Winkler Rd. in Fort Myers, FL. I’m sure the banksters are thrilled to be holding this prime property; NOT!


Good thing we have all these illegals here to do the jobs that aren’t there we won’t do. I took this picture traveling back from Melbourne on Florida Highway 70 after finishing some other appointments. Sorry for the blurry picture but it is not the smoothest road in the world, trust me. I provided the translation for those who were curious.

As I get time, I shall post more pictures, more perspectives and on my next Orlando trip I promise to take pictures of the situation there. The East Coast is not much better and if the meetings let out early or if I find some intersting subjects in the middle of the state, I shall add to the picture collection.


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