Illusions of Our Fathers

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by John Galt

July 31, 2009

If you refuse to think outside the box, you may soon find yourself buried in one.

-John Galt, July 31, 2009

In the year 2006, an excellent movie titled “Flags of Our Fathers” was released and really hit home with the remainder of the World War II generation and many families who’s parents were raised during this time period. In that movie some myths about the great success of the war effort were dispelled and the reality of just how tenous our position in the war was displayed for all to see. Sadly, now it is time to destroy another series of misnomers, the myths and illusions of our parents and the baby boomer generation which have given us the greatest period of economic growth and freedom mankind has ever seen but sadly, also has created the foundation for the next tyranny of man.

The false prophets that the Western world was warned about by a lone son many centuries ago are now in charge of almost everything. They continue to promote ideals and realities that are not true yet the majority would rather live this lie than accept the changes which sweep through civilizations every few hundred years or so throughout history. The era known as “Pax Americana” is coming to a close and our society has elected to bankrupt itself, morally, politically and economically. The acquisition of things has surpassed the creation of freedom and independence of the mind. People are more willing to divorce themselves from their wives to maintain ownership of that BMW sports utility vehicle than to realign their moral compass and preserve the family unit, the building block of our nation. The lip service paid to this issue by our leaders, on the pulpit or in the halls of political power, illustrates the fallacy of the system they wish to replace with the new enlightened era of their ideal system. Yet more people would rather blindly accept this new paradigm than fight for maintaining the integrity of their commitments, a sad statement as to the dilution of morality in our nation.

The people who have awakened and realized that you can accept that our Constitution is dead may indeed survive the coming season of change. If you have accepted the new paradigm and prepared for the worst that the character of man can create, you should be able to evade the scythe wielded by the angel of death. Glenn Beck referred vaguely to this new paradigm yesterday on his radio program but could or would not elaborate as to the impact on his life and the threats against his family. Welcome to the new order Glenn, same as the old one, but now so drunk with power no opposition has a prayer against their new kingdom at this time. I realize that there are groups who will scream “but the tea parties helped” or “write to your politicians” will be the action to conform within the system and stop this historical evolutionary process. Alas it is no better than putting a small box fan on your front porch to try to deflect the powerful winds of a F5 tornado. Accept this principle and preserve yourself and you may live to see another day.

On September 18, 2008, America’s Bohemian corporal cried wolf and openly declared the new political reality of this nation for all to see. Yet as the ashes from America’s Reichstag cooled and fell to earth, few understood that the fiat rule by crisis was no more than a shift of power from the people to the selected, not elected few. A new system which operated in the shadows where a combination of corporatism and statism emerged for all to see yet the Nancy Pelosi circus on display was nothing more than an obedient serf nodding her head like a bobble head in the back window of a 74 Impala on a pot holed road in New Orleans. The largest corporate and financial cartel in history merged is power base within the system of government it had agreed to maintain, only to assure the survival of the fractional reserve banking design which guarantees the three hundred a profit on the backs of its citizens no matter their lot in life.

The stunning efficiency of this coup can only be illustrated by what Mr. Beck said on his radio program yesterday which indicates he is still slightly behind the curve of the new elite. The error is that he believes the new administration is


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