Sarajevo, OH

By John Galt

June 11, 2009

The ball rolled into the street innocently enough. Yet the four year old little girl who ran out there did not have a prayer. Milliseconds after she grabbed the red, white and blue colored plastic ball she collapsed to the pavement, her back blown out with a six inch wide exit wound as the sniper has no mercy in this conflict, no deciding who is a civilian or combatant. Harold watched from the apartment conversion on the 8th floor of the Chiquita building as the mother across the street could be seen under the awning of the shelled building screaming and wailing at the death of her daughter. “I told you these young ‘uns wouldn’t wait until the 1 o’clock ceasefire Martha!” Harold uttered in disgust. She screamed back “You’re horrible, that was someone’s kid!” Harold just had to reply back to win the argument “They don’t care! The rules haven’t meant one damned thing to these past two generations and now they’ll learn with their damned lives!” For a sixty-seven year old coot, Harold still had the spirit. But it was fading fast as over three thousand refugees were crammed into this office building which sometimes had electricity and running water. He was sick of the war already and it just started a year ago. “What happened to us?” he wondered to himself. As he was drifting in thought his alarm clock went off at 1 p.m. as scheduled. It was time to get the food and water they would need for the next few days and he hoped he had enough scrap brass and silver to satisfy the black marketeers and to bribe the U.N. supply team. Harold yelled out “Martha, let’s go kiss some U.N. butt so we don’t starve to death honey, it’s ceasefire time. Besides Cincinnati without food and water is a horrible place to be in November!”

Crazy talk? Perhaps. Maybe I just love the flair for the dramatic and you can ignore my fictional scenario now. However if you ask a Bosnian about the idea of the city of Sarajevo being destroyed in 1988, they would have looked at you as insane as you viewed the scenario above. The breakdown of the rule of law in Yugoslavia created the nightmare there for various reasons, both of an economic and political nature. This current generation of Americans have long forgotten the errors of the dictator that ruled that nation and his successors that guaranteed the destruction of that nation. Ethnic simmering has a tendency to boil over during an economic and political collapse as do the separatist leanings of the states within the greater nation, which creates a nightmare of brutality from both sides that history prefers to gloss over and modern day leaders brush off as part of the old order.

The first thing that broke down in the nation of Yugoslavia was not just a strong centralized government, that created the opening for over a century of ethnic tensions to explode again, but the economic growth pattern initially based on a core government planning unit that controlled every aspect of the system from pricing to supply and manufacturing priorities. The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was constituted in a similar fashion to its Soviet Russian counterparts but the strongman, Josip Tito, refused to succumb to the Russian bear as his belief was that socialism should be attained via independent methods by each nation’s choice instead of imposed by foreign powers. This conflict with the Soviet Union created a schism that lasted until the end of the Federation in 1992 but did allow the Yugoslavians a role as leaders in the non-aligned movement which gave them the “appearance” of independence from the two major powers. This appearance was just a shell game, as the economic policies, just as its Soviet friends, was unsustainable.

In reality the system as concocted was doomed to failure as all socialist nations find out, yet this lesson and the disaster which ensued in Yugoslavia is being ignored in America. This blog entry is not an attempt to draw direct comparisons to the Yugoslavian Civil War and the bloodbath which occurred as a result, that is an apples and oranges comparison. The sad part is that most Americans have this arrogant superiority complex that this would never happen here, while in the same breath probably go to the bank to withdraw monies after their government check is direct deposited into their account to keep them alive. It is my goal, however, and hope to wake some people up though to understand the path that we are now on and tie some of the current news items into the mistakes we are repeating, but using a different method to destroy ourselves much like a modern European city which was a leftist model did some seventeen years ago.

After the 1984 Winter Olympic games the world viewed Yugoslavia as a modern socialist republic, admired and lusted over as usual by the American left yet viewed with proper skepticism by the Reagan administration who was finding Yugoslavian manufactured Soviet weapons throughout the battlefields of the world and this “non-aligned” status of nations was correctly identified as a ruse. This fantasy world the American left resides in to this day created the desire to view Soviet dictators and their lackeys as the heroes while diminishing the American leadership and the good things our nation did in the past.

This movement to initiate an American socialist state did not disappear over the past twenty years it only evolved within both political parties. Even though this movement is antithetical to freedom and the belief system our nation believed in for most of its existence. When you start to squeeze a population, destroying their retirements, creating oppressive government programs and departments, and eliminating the ability of a freedom loving people to live lawfully while engaging in day to day commerce, the end results are in the photos you see distributed throughout this entry. A modern, somewhat Western, twentieth century city was destroyed as ethnic and regional conflict was elevated back to the barbaric state it was capable of demonstrating throughout world history. Who is to say such a battle could not erupt within the borders of this nation as the usurpation of our Constitution accelerates?

If our nation does not change paths soon, we could see some of our city streets look like these photos. No, these are not current day pictures of Flint, MI or Gary, IN; although those towns are in horrid shape and look somewhat like this, minus the battle damage. Imagine a day where you struggle to find food, you have foreign troops acting as imposed peacekeepers in your state or town. Imagine what our nation will look like if the desire to fracture our society based on regions, political parties, and religion accelerates under this current administration. Imagine how food shortages, the inability to enjoy the freedom of movement, and massive restrictions on our rights are endorsed and imposed by our de facto government with international backing.

Do you honestly think that the American people are going to take this lying down?

Thus far the abandonment of Constitutional principles only has token resistance, so the answer on June 11, 2009 is “YES” and quite loudly. As long as monies are available for lotto tickets, smokes, beer and a compliant church preaching that forgiveness is easy as long as you vote for the ideals that equalize our population in the name of the greater good instead of freedom, the people will fall like dominoes in a hurricane. There is no national upwelling or protest occurring, nor will their be with the people being willing accomplices to insure their comforts are not impeded. God forbid network television or the HBO go off the air, they might actually have to talk to their neighbors or children! And why would you talk about the crisis of our nation’s future? There’s too much happening with television shows like The View creating opinion for a willing sheeple to follow, instead of thinking for themselves.

The only factor moving in favor of the growing fasciste (The Italian term) movement, where socialism is integrated and taught as a method to impose freedom through discipline and the capitalist system as it exists now being demonized, is that the demography of our nation will accelerate the willingness to comply as the population ages. The desire to have fulfillment, needs and security taken care of by a government out of control will supersede the anger and frustration many of the Americans are now feeling. Their parents will beg the children, playing on the heartstrings to not support the anti-government movements, to comply with the requests, to surrender firearms for food, freedom for security.

And families will fracture, just as they did in the old Yugoslavia.

If your mother, perhaps in her 70’s, looks you in the eyes and begs you to support the XYZ program or candidate A or B to insure she has food, medicine and shelter next year because the economy has impaired your ability to help her and take care of her, what will you do? Will you stand up for the Constitution and defend the original intent which created the greatness which is now fading rapidly into the sunset? Or will you fulfill her desires, knowing that your freedoms are being sacrificed not for future generations to enjoy the life you have had, but to selfishly accept the gifts of an evil morass of power hungry political animals, all to expand their power and wealth.

Tough choice, is it not?

I have made my choices.

Will I sacrifice my marriage for the Constitution? Yes.

Will I sacrifice the ties to my family and alienate them if need be for freedom? Yes.

Will I sacrifice my life, if called upon, for our nation as the Founders, not the Socialist Fascist movement intends it to be? Yes.

Am I calling for an open insurrection at this time? NO.

Common sense should tell you that the future will dictate if and when that happens so in the mean time, I shall endeavor to work for a peaceful solution. But getting one’s house in order and mentally prepared for the future is important and I suggest all of you pray on this and think about it.

As you ponder this brief piece of blogging, I simple want you to think about this last picture; this could be in downtown Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Atlanta, Sarasota or perhaps your town. Sarajevo was a brutal place and the current generation of Americans have dismissed this as impossible within our borders, despite the fact that the controlling powers wish to eradicate those borders. It is when an Empire reaches the pinnacle of self-deceit and abandons its founding principles that internal strife rises to the surface, destroying the fantasy world the willing accomplices of its decline reside in. There is but one question you must ask yourself, and it is one that will pain you for the weeks and months to come as the decline accelerates.

Will you make the sacrifices to restore the Republic?


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