Greetings from The United States of Mexico

By John Galt

June 3, 2009

Greetings from the United States of Mexico!

The nation I am discussing is a diverse nation with great natural resources and potential but sadly, it has problems galore. Imagine a nation that has people crossing the border illegally at will, bringing the issues of its homeland with them. Think about, a land where high unemployment is the norm because the system of capitalism has been corrupted because the corporate leaders have created elite oligarchies where competition is quashed using methods both legal and illegal, to prevent innovation and expand their power base. Where inventions and new ideas that might improve the nation’s economy are stolen or suppressed to enable the power structure in place, working with government agencies, to expand their profit base at the expense of the citizenry. It is a sad state of affairs when one thinks about what is happening in that nation and it makes you realize how good some people really have it.

Consider the problems the people crossing the border bring with them in their desperate attempts to find work and sustenance for their families. Many have or will carry disease with them, poor hygiene standards, and habits such as alcoholism and drug abuse that spread problems to the indigenous population. Many are incapable of discerning the differences between personal responsibility and prefer the comforts of a cradle to grave system of welfare which insures their security, thus acting as a magnet to their illegal emigration across the border. Their mere presence creates resentment and aggravation for the domestic population, something that the process of assimilation is supposed to cure but never occurs to any great extent.

The language barrier in parts of the nation also hinder the cultural adaptation of the new homeland for these people. They will demand duality of language even though that is present in the nation by and large already. They will isolate their culture from the domestic beliefs and views keeping their own traditions and values visible in plain site of the locals, often irritating the older citizens and forcing the community to attempt to isolate what they call the “invaders” into their realm. These cultural clashes are not a pretty sight to watch and usually come to a head after some period of time, be it a conflict with the younger or teenage crowd or roving gangs who prey not just on the emigres, but on their hosts who at first welcome the new blood with open arms. It is a formula that we have seen over and over, creating the potential for a societal clash of mammoth proportions and let us hope that it is peaceful in the end.

The destruction of the other nation’s currency to insure some degree or advantage in trade also creates and export of funds. The process of wire transfers of the host nation with the superior currency back to the other country is a common trade worldwide and the influx of a stronger dollar helps the family members left behind. Thankfully the work ethic of the illegals is quite good in many cases and the influx during an upsurge in economic activity can help the wayward nation’s bottom line to the point of helping with political stability. It is when the economic downturn occurs that you notice the discontent and threats of (and in some cases actual) violence which shocks the status quo. It is hoped that this nation will learn its lesson and develop the economic resources available instead of using the corrupt oligarchy and banking system to manage the currency and industrial base but thus far little evidence of change is on the horizon with state owne corporations being the norm.

Unfortunate as it may seem, the economic disruptions do offer opportunities and recruitment tools for an expanded role of criminal activity within the society, especially when arms are relatively easy to obtain. That should alert the host country that the actions of attempting restrictions domestically will have little impact as the smuggling actions of this new class of residents will only filter down to the mainstream population at some point in time. Preparing for the upswing in crime is one thing, but addressing it in a manner which does not offend the new working class is a challenge that is very difficult to address.

As the illegals population expands, unreasonable demands will be made of government at every level. The national government has to find a way to insure the natural population of the country has their needs and services met but sadly the local government burden is often overwhelming, causing a conflict at every level of a massive bureaucracy. The Legislative branches at all levels have failed to implement any plan thus far and as the economic conditions begin to moderate, there is no guarantee that the immigrants will leave as their homeland continues to reflect a greater degree of political instability. That means the services such as medical, law enforcement, and social services at all levels need a planned response instead of an adoption of current policies and procedures which is only an ad hoc solution to a growing problem. It is doubtful any nation’s government would be able to respond fast enough but failure to do so could bring the same type of violent discontent from the other nation across the border.

What makes this process even more difficult is the illegals do not want to become citizens and adopt the new nation as their home culture with all of the traditions and honors associated with it. They wish to retain an identity not just foreign to the population at hand, but repulsive when force fed into the host nation’s major population centers. While the more diverse major cities usually just shrug and ignore what is happening, the border regions become conflicted areas, often looking like the other nation and causing the host to lose its identity on its own homeland. This is a sad state of affairs that must be avoided at all costs but the question is how and who will impose the solutions necessary when a politically correct national mindset is the flavor of the day inside the host nation. It is the formula for future conflict as national borders are erased not by treaties, but by migration, which often leads to a public reaction against any economic agreements which formerly benefited both parties.

For all this, Canada, I wish to apologize in advance for what we are about to do to your nation.

As America collapses a mass migration of not only our best and brightest will occur and accelerate, our slugs, welfare leeches, drug abusers, disease ridden souls, along with the utterly stupid and lazy will flee in terror as the ability to sustain their families or lifestyles does not occur within this nation of ours. Because of the abandonment of all of our principles, our ideas, our national identity appears to be accelerating, your nation will sadly pay a price that is unfair and undeserved. Canada is a good friend, a great nation and inhabited by fantastic people by and large from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. I hope that your nation analyzes the problems we have had with our neighbors to the South and concocts a plan of action to deal with this over the decade to come.

As we will be to Canada, soon, what Mexico has been to the United States for the last twenty years.

Please forgive us my friends.


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