What IF the TEOTWAWKI Crowd is Right?

by John Galt
May 22, 2009

TEOTWAWKI Crowd: We will see gun confiscation in America and an attempt to suppress our freedoms.

TPTB: That’s silly talk.

NRA video on YouTube of gun confiscation after Katrina, massive ammunition shortages, etc.

TEOTWAWKI Crowd: The U.S. Government will take over private corporations and begin dictating economic policy at every level of society as the economy collapses due to greed, corruption and government interference.

TPTB: The U.S. Government has no desire to run our economy and capitalism is safe.

TARP, TALF, Chrysler, GM, AIG, Citigroup, new regulations, etc.

TEOTWAWKI Crowd:Weather control will be a new battleground as scientists race to modify climate.

TPTB: Tinfoil silliness.

REALITY: China Leads Weather Control Race, Wired Magazine November 14, 2007

TEOTWAWKI Crowd: Mexico and other nations will continue to pose a threat to American security as long as our borders remain unsecured years after 9-11.

TPTB: Mexico is a key ally and is no major threat to American citizens.

REALITY: Phoenix, AZ is the Kidnapping Capital of the U.S.A. thanks to drug cartels; Mexican Drug Cartels run Training Camps in U.S. for Gang Members; Hezbollah and Mexican Drug Cartels Operating Inside U.S.

Instead of posting story after story, playing the typical childish game we’ve been playing with the plants, morons, keyboard warriors and deliberately lost souls who wish to misguide you and your family into a new reality as a slave to the upcoming new world order let us pause and ask a question that nobody really wants to discuss in the “mainstream” nor those crowds where people hold their cocktails with their pinky fingers extended:

What IF the TEOTWAWKI Crowd has been right all along?

Now there’s a question you do not hear very often. Most of the time you read about attacks on the messenger, attempts to disprove items or facts that have already been validated a hundred times over, or government actions to silence anyone who is not with the program. But have you taken a moment to ask that question and if so, what kind of preparations have you undertaken to insure your family’s survival? What would you do if one of those formerly tinfoil subjects you dismissed out of hand because NBC news or Fox News did a story mocking the so-called “End of the World Crowd” happened in your community or to your family?

Did the idea that just maybe there is a reason the mainstream media goes to such expense to work with the public relations departments of various government departments to get their point of view across as “fact” when in fact reality in your own eyes tells you that they are lying through their teeth?

How many times did you hear last year how healthy our banks were, how Bear Stearns was a buy, how there is no way a bank the size of Washington Mutual would fail, etc. then within a month of those statements from the MSM and government the reality slaps you upside the head? Why is there this belief that the NRA will be able to stop the government from interfering with government attempts to limit gun ownership yet over two years ago the “alternative” media or those of us in that pesky TEOTWAWKI crowd reported stories from the MSM that the Department of Homeland Security place a $9 billion dollar ammunition order which would create shortages for the average citizen long before the name “Barrack” became a household item?

Folks your family’s safety is at risk. Am I going to say that those of us who rant, rave and warn are always right about what we’ve been saying, predicting or warning about? Never, none of us are perfect. But if you take the time to sort past the lies deliberately injected into the news flow and use your eyes and ears to see the reality for yourselves, the pattern that is emerging indicates that an empire is at risk of total collapse and the odds are beginning to favor that scenario on an accelerated basis. Seriously, did you or I even envision the government taking over Chrysler and General Motors five years ago? No, and if someone tells you they did they are a liar. Did you think we would live to see the day where the government is being deliberately vague about a swine flu outbreak that originated on a corporate pig farm in Mexico and “mutated” into a rapidly spreading pandemic that now allegedly only kills middle aged fat people? Well, the alternative media or TEOTWAWKI crowd has been warning that such events (maybe not with the news angle that being overweight makes you a likely victim) like an engineered disease are highly probable and will be used to herd the sheeple into courses of action that surrender freedoms never considered necessary in our history.

I am not going to preach about how to prepare or why. Those days are long over and we have been warning everyone that our world is changing and the news media and government propagandists will use their powers to influence you and your family away from the hard core reality and into focusing more on stories like a sitting President’s birth certificate, an Air Force One joy ride over New York City, or the latest Hollyweirdo’s proclamations about the environment or sexuality. While those distractions are always funny to watch, spending days and weeks focusing on issues that do not impact your family’s future will continue to be the focus of those in charge so their devious plans can continue unabated. The real stories, such as the open yet secret government subversion of American capitalism and freedom, the upcoming war in the Middle East and the expansionist goals of the Communist bloc in Latin America and Africa are going to continue and some of us will try to keep the focus on these issues that the MSM calls “tinfoil” but in reality are the problems that will impact your children’s future.

With that underlying theme now established, ask yourself the question one more time from above. What if the TEOTWAWKI crowd is right?

The world is sort of ‘out’ of Romans to get the personalized answer you may desire. If you elect to take the time to open a history book though, you might get a better idea as to what happens when an empire collapses and the citizens are treated as commodities to be herded and used like cattle or swine. It is your call to decide who is right.

If you elect to ignore the reality that continues to occur however, please do not email or whine to me when they inject you with that chip or hang it from your ear.

Just like ranchers treat cattle on today’s modern farms, and Nazis herded Jews into cages for the slaughter.


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