April 9, 2009

By John Galt

“73’s” the warm goodbye amateur radio operators give each other which means ‘best regards’ in those circles. A sort of goodbye in a very friendly sort of way which has been an established protocol for decades now.

However, this is not what this article is about as I am not saying goodbye just yet.

This is more to address something I have received emails and questions about regarding Glenn Beck’s 912 Project and the calls for “Tea Parties” nationwide which will be held on April 15, 2009 to protest excessive government spending. To set the record straight, I will not be participating. While I realize there is a lot of hope for this movement, I am somewhat jaded in my analysis and very realistic as to what it will achieve.

If this movement were to be an establishment of a viable alternative political party, then yes, I would support it. As a registered Libertarian/Constitutionalist Party supporter, I swore off the mainstream parties in 2004 and will stand by that with each passing election. The level of corruption within both parties is absurd and their continuing unconstitutional execution of their powers tells me that those who live in the fantasy of finding viable candidates who will succeed in turning the tide also probably still go to bed putting a tooth under their pillow in the hopes of a quarter appearing there in exchange the next morning. While I find that comforting for kids, I’m not referring to children but forty and fifty somethings who believe in such nonsense. There will be no change as long as we are subjects to the Fourth Branch of our government, and that Fourth Branch is why I am a 73er, not a 912er.

The uninitiated may not realize we have added a Fourth Branch but we did on Jekyll Island, GA in 1913; the problem is that it did not achieve dominance until Nixon ceded power to them in 1971 with the dissolution of the Bretton Woods agreement. The Federal Reserve then became a de facto part of the system with the other three branches bowing down to their activities with no oversight, no input and no representation by any citizen not selected to become a shareholder by the club. That decision has damned this nation to a very unhappy ending and nothing in the past twenty plus years should allow you, the reader, to think otherwise.

The project that Glenn has initiated does have my best wishes though. I hope that all of the attendees succeed and I pray they do. The goals are murky though for the Tea Parties and without any established reason for these assemblies other than to vent in what I call a modern day version of the 1960’s radical Kum-Bai-Yah stoner hippy sessions except at these meetings it will be 00’s Kum-Bai-Yah cocktails and anti-tax rantings.

I’m tired of unproductive rah-rah meetings.

I’m sick of compromise only to be betrayed by a politician or “leader” for personal gain.

I’ve grown weary the validity of our government due to the failure of our states to defend the U.S. Constitution.

And I can tell now that if Glenn gets any traction it will be very short lived as the Republicans will simply nod their heads and give an “Amen” to the crowds while the socialist left will go “there goes the gun loving Bible clutchers again.” The failure that everyone refuses to acknowledge is the reality that the Democratic Party is now the equivalent of the European Social Democrats (hard socialists) which is towards the so-called far left of the political spectrum while the Republicans are now LEFT OF CENTER with their views and actions. Essentially speaking we have lost any party which puts our Constitution and America’s interests front and center as their primary concern, which by logical extension means that the citizens of this nation are nothing more than a commodity to both parties, to be traded like corn or oil on international markets.

You can stick your hate emails and postings now because if you’re going to try to convince me that the party of Goldwater, Birch and Reagan would endorse government intervention in free markets, undeclared warfare and internationalism then you really have gone off the deep end and probably need to find a mate with an Obama/Biden bumper sticker on the back of their SmartCar. The Republican Party has evolved into the Democrat Party of John F. Kennedy. Everyone needs to deal with and accept that fact.

The reason I do hope Glenn finds traction and the Tea Parties move past this and establish at least one realistic goal is that I don’t want to take the final vote. I pray that somewhere, somehow the “people” figure out just how far down this road we have traveled and realize that the last exit was forty miles ago and the bridge over the Grand Canyon is out. The consequences of not stopping this current path quickly is dire and terrifying yet so many think it is just business as usual. It is not.

I do not want to vote from the rooftops. I do not want to have the people turn to people like myself who will say “see I told you so” when the various movements fail and our freedoms are sold off like a phony Treasury Note auction to China. I do not want those of us who sit on the sidelines shaking our heads in disgust to explain what a 73er is to our neighbors and why once again less than 1% of the population may be called on to save the Republic.

Does this mean I am calling for an open revolution or insurrection? No.

Does this mean I want to create a separatist movement and create the situations we studied about 1860 America? No.

I am a part of that less than 1% who are watching, praying and hoping that this resolves itself in favor of the Constitution and our nation.

I am a 73er.

As in 7/3.

As in July 3, 1776.


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