21 Days: Windows Opening and Closing or Imploding

By John Galt

December 19, 2008

Window #1: December 19 to December 31

GMAC bank bid fails. This requires and additional bail out for Cerberus and GM to prevent a complete collapse in Chrysler and GM. If the GMAC bank bid fails and they file for bankruptcy, whatever funds provided to the automakers before Christmas will be irrelevant as the car makers lose their financing arms and no banks will step forward to bail them out due to the horrid holdings in GMAC’s portfolio. This could trigger a severe reaction as dealers fail by the hundreds in a very short time period and numerous suppliers join the parade to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy before year end as they see that GM will not be able to pay them back due to the inability to finance new car sales or leases.

Window#2: December 24 to January 11

Israel removes the Iranian threat using unconventional means.

The construction of Iranian nuclear labs and processing centers all but guarantees the use of conventional penetrating bombs to be useless for permanently disabling functionality of the labs or even harming the key operating points buried deep underground. This could force Israel to use atomic warheads that penetrate underground then detonate basically sealing the lab and its inhabitants in a radioactive underground tomb and destroying the viability of the location. Secondary targets to insure that no retaliation against Israel herself will be eliminated also. The reaction of the sleeper cells Iran has planted world wide, including inside the U.S. and Europe, plus the Arab street will be the most dangerous aspect of such action. Add in the recent declarations by the Indian Defense Minister that the “military option is not off the table” with regards to Pakistan and trouble is on the horizon. Many a war that does not involve the U.S. are much better to start while we are on our holiday break period. We are also witnessing more Russian arms trading activity with Israel and feelers out to Turkey. This is accelerating at a pace equal to our decline in influence in world events.

Window#3: December 31 to January 11

Bush loses control. The bumbling fools who run our economy will make one mistake too many resulting in a total collapse of the banking system. This collapse will require a “restart” which means that until it is stabilized in the eyes of the regulators and political powers, it will be shut down inside the U.S. and probably Canada and the U.K. This would explain the recent news articles in the mainstream media about military movements inside the United States and “exercises” being conducted with civilian agencies.

Window#4: December 26 to January 8

The terrorists take advantage of our weakened state and hit us after Christmas or during a major event during the holiday season. This would instantly trigger the unthinkable inside the U.S. and the world knows we are at a point where we could not take such a hit. The financial system would collapse. Martial law would be declared on a regionalized basis. The start of new military operations inside and outside of the U.S. is almost a foregone conclusion. And President Obama’s grand inauguration might well be cancelled and concluded in the bomb shelter inside the United States Supreme Court.


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