Returning to Zero

On Tuesday, November 4th 2008, America Will Weep

By John Galt

Monday November 3, 2008

On Tuesday, America will weep. No, not the people;  the conscience of our society, the Founding Fathers, the Constitution and the fabric which united a diverse group of people into a cohesive society which emerged from serfdom to a monarch and for two hundred plus years created a shining path for capitalists and refugees the world over.

And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor
Shall be lifted – nevermore!

-Edgar Allen Poe, The Raven

The results of the election tomorrow night will thrill millions and disappoint an equal number. Yet the soul of America, that beating loving caress of freedom slips away into the night as the thieves of our political class steal away all that we believe in, all that we grew up caring about, all that our parents, grandparents and distant relatives fought and died for. Our freedoms shall be worshipped and honored, nevermore.

Our Constitution shall never be the same as thread which binds our societal fabric was damaged but somewhat intact after September 11, 2001 then severed on September 18, 2008. The Reichstag Fire was not in a political hall as in the time of Bismarck’s Germany but in the proverbial smoke filled rooms of the Federal Reserve Banks nationwide. This fire has allowed the political and banking class to usurp that fine document which codified the ideals of those brave souls who took on the world’s most powerful empire. The American people have unwillingly sacrificed freedom for security, financial stability for trinkets, and private property for “community” without ever a shot being fired.

The embarrassment in the photo above speaks volumes not just about the state of our nation, but of the civilization as a whole. Ground Zero is a hole in the ground. Not a memorial. Not a shining superstructure rebuilt in record time to reflect the resiliency of our nation. No, it is a joke. A sad, miserable testament to the bureaucratic technocracy we are building to become a new, more improved Soviet Union. The fact that we failed to rebuild on the site of the most damaging attack on the continental United States since the British burned Washington, D.C. shall be W’s legacy. The fact that nothing is there shall be the epitaph of an empire in collapse.

The risks we are soon to endure are not those of a people preparing for war, not those of a nation bravely facing another trial by fire, and not those of any measure since World War II. We the people are going to endure a threat from within; to surrender our freedoms in the name of survival, to elevate and reward the creatures who have created our demise,  and to allow our legal structure to be usurped in the name of logic to accommodate the rulers of these troubled times. Yet few will raise a voice or object as the funeral pyres begin to burn, leaving only ashes where our Bill of Rights once sat.

Many might view this essay as an attack on President Bush or Obama, McCain or Biden, the Federal Reserve or Hank Paulson; that view would not be incorrect. They are the representatives of the new order, that mindset which divorces the people from the pedestrian duties of being a good citizen by creating enough distractions via bread and circus while they conduct their evil business. The average citizen might think this is too large to comprehend and that the tired slogan of “freedom isn’t free” only applied to the “Greatest Generation” and not to the day to day workings of government or business. Now freedom shall truly not be free. To obtain it, much like the 1950’s banana republics of Central America, you will have to pay for it.

And most will not care, not yet at least.

Tomorrow night, enjoy the computerized gee-whiz imagery and circus like drama created as only Hollywood could do it and scripted for the mainstream media to promote. As each state is “declared” remember the truth; that the despair of our Founding Fathers and Adam Smith is justified; that the screams from their burial vaults is that of the futility of those who believed in free market capitalism and our Constitution begging Americans to do what is right, not what is prudent for their own self-preservation.

The one issue that has never been discussed at any length by either leading political candidate should give one pause and time to reflect on where we are as a nation:

The preservation and enforcement of the United States Constitution as the only law of the land, supreme to all others but the word of God.


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