300 Million Reasons America is So Screwed

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By John Galt

June 24, 2008

The headline from Reuters said it all:

McCain calls for $300 million prize for car battery

Just ugh.

This guy just does not get it. When the American people screamed out that we really liked our First Amendment, he and his socialist buddies passed McCain-Feingold and told us to shut up and take our cod liver oil. When we screamed about the border being a free fire disease ridden war zone we were basically told we were racists and that the McCain-Kennedy Act would have solved all of our problems. Fortunately the rest of the government got the message even though the act is still being passed through in a piecemeal fashion and we will end up with the same results within five years. Now the dramatic election year stunt of spending money he has said we don’t have to spend for a school science projet to solve a non-existent problem his types created.

If politicians would accept this wee bit of advice, they might find out something novel:

Get out, stay out and butt out of our free market system.

The absolute absurdities we have seen since the 1970’s of attempt after attempt to force solutions to the energy problems instead of letting the markets fix the problem have not only made it worse, they have opened the door for other nations to fill the void created by the American markets stepping out of the picture. Brazil, yes another writer pointing south, as a quasi-socialist nation even figured out that drilling for your own oil and creating a viable E85 ethanol solution was the route to take to energy independence, but what is not talked about are the other solutions they enacted. Since 2004 Brazil has been actively expanding the nuclear program interrupted by decades of economic malaise as they envision reducing their dependence on fossil fuels for electrical production. Even though their nuclear facilities only provide 4% of their electrical needs, the Lula government has struck deals with Argentina on uranium enrichment and established some preliminary agreements with the Communist Chinese to build new reactors throughout the nation.

Hey John, that’s foresight don’t you think?

Despite the fact that the $300 million prize is nothing more than rhetoric, it proves once again that neither candidate for the major parties has a clue about a real solution to America’s energy problems nor any insight into how free markets actually function. That could not be because neither of them have ever worked a day in their lives outside of the political sphere nor engaged in the basic functions of our markets ever now, could it? That’s the problem we face now. We, as a nation, are entering a period of economic instability along with a prolonged period of worldwide competition for commodities, yet we have no leadership currently or in the future that has a clue as to the consequences of not unleashing our nation’s capitalist forces to solve the problems. Nobody wishes to risk their fortunes to solve these problems because they are terrified of a bureaucracy run amok destroying their profits rightfully theirs if they solve the dilemmas we are in.

This was once again demonstrated yesterday during the hearings in which everyone but the people responsible were blamed for the oil price crisis. I guess T. Boone Pickens, the President of BP America, Matt Simmons and others are all just full of hot air then when they point out the disparity in supply and demand. It’s those danged speculators and evil oil companies, that’s the problem. Perhaps the 535 morons in D.C. should purchase a mirror with the words “I will not be stupid today” printed at the top so they would get a clue as to who is responsible for the crisis which is just beginning.

Or maybe they can create a $300,000,000 contest for someone to come up with a study to design a mirror to help them.

After all the voters do not care. If they did, most of those clowns in the House and Senate would not be there in the first place.

We are soooooo screwed.


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