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By John Galt

June 20, 2008

Nope, sorry Bob, not your C.S.A.

But you were a fine man for your time in an unfortunate intersection in history.

This is the story about a nation which some three hundred years ago was a colony. Not since this map below from circa 1710 have we ever had to consider America as a colonial territory. Based on the amount of debt, the monies we owe and the souls we are willing to sell, it is this writer’s opinion:

The C.S.A. (Colonial States of America) Shall Rise Again.

If the reader takes a moment to ponder what we have done to ourselves, simply reflect back on the past century of world history. The precursor to World War I was a rapid colonization of the so-called “primitive” areas of the world. The exploitation and securing of natural resources was the name of the game and if that meant stepping on the toes of the nearest power every now and then, so be it. The United States engagement with Spain in 1898 was our first taste of expansionism and sadly, not our last, despite the warning just a century before from our Founding Fathers. The same could also be said of the European powers who for centuries before engaged in expansionism via the tools of militarism and imperialism, something we learned from our colonial ancestors.

After nearly destroying themselves militarily, the European nations decided to seed their own return engagement through economic suicide, creating massive burdens of debt while destroying or maiming future generations during the war, which only impaired their ability to rebuild and renew the soul of their countries. The decades of incessant open and colonial proxy warfare and the complete annihilation of their continent finally caused the citizenry to reach the end of their rope, militarily and financially. World War II had finally depleted their ability to start expansionist wars and engage in the exploitation and protection of their colonial empires. A new way to expand had to be found for resource acquisition, but with the U.S.S.R. and U.S.A. as the overwhelmingly dominant world powers it would not be a simple process. This too would pass as neither of the new major powers knew what to do with their dominance but piss it away as empires are prone to do.

“Fat, Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life son”

Dean Wormer said it best in the 1978 movie “Animal House.” Apparently the American people did not listen. Since President James Earl Carter and his cohort in the creation of economic misery, Federal Reserve President Burns worked hand in hand to eliminate American preeminence in this world while that movie was making America laugh, you would have thought that by now the statement would have sunk in and we would not make the same mistakes.

Alas, here we area again, with just more plain “stupid” than we should be forced to deal with in one lifetime, much less one hundred..

It only took thirty years to find a President of the United States and a Federal Reserve President that makes me pine for the days of Soviet nuclear death facing us at any moment. At least during that period of time, we had some prudent and prepared future leadership to at least attempt to redeem our nation’s soul and prevent the death spiral of our national identity. Unfortunately, unlike that time period, this one has Jimmy Carter’s black reincarnate and a senile old fart who should be wagering on the mechanical rabbit at the dog track or playing bingo as the nominees waiting in the wings to save the free world from certain disaster.

God, we are so screwed.

Since that period of time, we have engaged in so many of the same mistakes our European friends did earlier in the twentieth century that it makes one’s eyes water. In my lifetime, we have taken national surpluses and turned them into record debts unseen in the history of capitalism, much less world history. A currency once regarded as “good as gold” is now viewed as a burden as nations around the world seeks way to rid themselves of it and obtain tangible assets which their countries can actually use instead of promissory notes which give ownership of American debt or assets to their central banks.

Our banksters have engineered a “new way” thanks to the greatest criminal enterprise in history, La Cosa Nostra (that’s Latin for “Federal Reserve”), and their outstanding manipulation of financial instruments using new technology and creative accounting standards. We should be proud to have the only Central Bank in the world since Batista’s Banco Nactional De Cuba that not only institutionalizes corruption but turns it into an art form.

If it’s Thursday, it Must be Time to Change G.A.A.P.

Welcome to America in 2008. The land where accounting and banking rules change more frequently than Al Bundy changes his underwear. A market where honesty in accounting can be summed up by what your definition of the word “is” is.

Okay, so that picture is gratuitous, then again, so is the author.

Ever since Bubba’s adventures in White House decorum, we have, as a nation, come to accept abhorrent behavior in the private sector, public sector or religious sector as one big “oh well, happens all the time” instead of showing outrage and demanding punishment for the acts they have engaged in. Is it of little surprise then that we had so few analysts and banksters convicted to the great Dot Con bust in the late 1990’s and just six short years ago? And now we have our new world odor, stinking it up again. The current economic circus was as easy to forecast as what shade of orange Angelo Mozillo’s tan will have in his next Senate testimony and mortgage closing ceremony.

When Glass-Steagall was repealed by the November 12, 1999 signing of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act by President “Is Is” it was so easy to see the subprimeAltAjumbocommercialCDOCDSRMBSCMBSARSDoh! problem ready to explode in the future. Giving your neighborhood bankster the ability to create, rate, sell, resell, hedge, hype, advertise, fold, press and starch any piece of paper they desire was bad enough; giving it to every bankster and blessing it on a national level was an invitation to national suicide. Now that we have given everyone the ability to create debt, sell debt, buy debt, sell and create debt they do not own, hedge against it, wager on it, bundle it and call it AAA and convince foreign powers to buy it, the end result is the same:

The bills are due and the “investors” around the world wants  their money.

Weimar Germany elected to print their way out of the mess. It would appear we are trying to do the same also. Of course there is another more attractive alternative which the banksters and political class might just want to consider. We’ve mortgaged everything off, so let’s let them have it.

All of it.

Deal of the Century

Why not? Why not just start dividing the nation up and giving OPEC, Russia, the UN, the EU, Japan and China, etc. various states and regions so the debt can be called “even” and the resources divided among the world? In this manner the deal can be cut so the banksters get to keep their assets, their system and their ill gotten government structure by calling the resource reallocation a repayment of debts incurred by those incompetent fat lazy middle class Americans who really don’t work enough anyways. It will be struck as the deal of the century, which will allow the mercantile class to retain a semblance of free enterprise and capitalism while having a political structure to keep the peace and tell us schmucks to shut up and eat cake because it is all for our own good. Just think about the happy happy world where rice farmers in Arkansas work to grow foodstuffs to keep their families alive in local trade but help to pay off our national debt by providing dedicated trade at a price level which eases the burden of the debts we owe Communist China. It’s an outstanding idea. And one which enables Senator Dodd to keep his VIP Super Deluxe mortgage deal via Countrywide/Bank of America at a reasonable interest rate while us serfs toil to bail their butts out after forty years of incompetence.

The possibilities are endless and the map above is just a pot shot dart board approach to dividing America up. Who knows, maybe Nigeria does not want to trade oil for North Dakota and the agricultural riches of that region. They might settle for a six pack and the city of Mobile, AL if we can convince them the server farm in City Hall is large enough for them to spam the world from there. And the Russians would easily trade uranium and oil for Puerto Rico as their legendary exploits while in the ports of Latin America would translate to San Juan with little if any difficulty. Alaska might as well go back to them also since the environmentalists have a strong desire for protection of the elk to return to the control of their Marxist motherland. The map as a whole is a work of art in this writer’s opinion as it provides Singapore and OPEC with the ability to obtain more oil from the Gulf of Mexico in ten years than we have extracted in over sixty and thus they can get rid of those pesky bonds we are dumping on them at an accelerated pace.

If the readers of this blog do not enjoy the map or feel they might live in under the thumb of an unacceptable colonial power, well, too bad. You had your chance to move and applications for citizenship in those nations will be highly restrictive as more Americans attempt to move from colonist to citizen status when the opportunities arise. On the flip side of it all, you could always imagine your own state’s best new master and petition  your governor to seek the colonizing by the nation your fellow citizens desire as quickly as possible. Resource domination and allocation will be the key to America’s future as it was for Europe and their colonies before and after the two world wars.

This time, let’s avoid a world war to divvy up diminishing resources. Let us all take the peaceful, big picture approach of working within a world system for a brighter future where we get to keep our current economic and political structure. You may return to your Wii or Playstation whatever now and do not worry about that late credit card or mortgage payment.

Hope is on the way.

Or at least another government program called “hope.”

Down here in Dixie, we’re “hoping” that the EU takes over our region; we’re too danged old to learn Chinese.

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