The Dying Dollar

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June 16, 2008

By John Galt

I wish to thank the Federal Reserve crime family cartel, the US government and all of us stupid dumb sheeple voters for creating the mess in the photos above.

Before you jump ugly and blame me for putting your name into the hat for those responsible for my hot dog buns costing a dollar now when they cost 15.4 cents in 1967, your name as well as mine belong there. We voted for idiots for decades who refused to manage, oversee or control the government’s debt creation machine and denied responsibility, despite that piece of paper called the Constitution, to audit and maintain oversight over the Federal Reserve. The oversight of that institution was needed since 1913 when it was created by an act of corrupt politicians bought off by the banksters yet we the people have held no one responsible for their actions nor the now institutionalized inflation which is a part of our economy. The price we shall pay is huge.

So why 15.4 cents you ask? Simple. That is the figure that the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides on page 2 of the May 2008 CPI release from last week. It is a figure I have neglected to mention but is well worth promoting. The BLS puts it under the Special Indexes portion and calls it “Purchasing power of the consumer dollar” with with 1967=$1.00. According to their own figures they are admitting the dilution of the US Dollar by some 85% in just the last 41 years. While that seems like an irrelevant piece of data to some, if you take a step back and think about the price you are paying for various goods and services now compared to then or heck, even twenty-five years ago, you realize that perhaps we have been mislead by our government leaders as to the strength of our economy recently. Inflation can be used to mask economic weakness, especially since our government has elected to measure national economic growth using consumption as opposed to production statistics. Sadly, the Emperor’s new clothes are not only ignored, they are adopted as the fashion statement of the year by the sheeple. That cold draft you will feel this winter as utility prices increase some 30% in some markets will not just be from the warmth of your emperor line of clothing; it will be the generated also by the energy shortages some localities will experience as our society takes it turn at attempting to Argentinize the total debt of our society. It did not work out well down there and with the moral compass of our society spinning like a drunken teenage Hollywood star (or starlet) I fear that the consequences of the coming storm will prevent any solution other than a Leninist one from being implemented.

Six items for a dollar in 1967, six items for six dollars in 2008. The math is simple. The consequences are obvious. I hope all of you have taken the prudent steps to preserve your capital and securing long term food storage for the future. Both will be in severe and various stages of shortage in the years to come. And despite the promises of Mr. Government, their ability to deliver has already been proven lacking in many cases.

Got Gold?

Got Food?

Got a new slate of candidates to vote for other than the two party clowns?


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