September 11, 2007

By John Galt

(Today, and with this posting, marks my 15,000th post on Timebomb2000. This place has become my internet home away from home where I’ve made some new friends and managed to upset some folks too. To this end, today is a day to remember the past and prepare for the future. Today is a day of reflection as crazy things continue to happen around us.)

The one thing I shall never forget from this day is the sounds of that day. The television crews did not want to broadcast it, but it was live and the “blam” noise, that of the bodies falling form hundreds of feet up shall forever haunt my memory. These poor souls, facing the horror of incineration, chose to make a prayerful leap. For many, it was a leap that became one of faith in the hope that God gave their souls angel wings so the brief physical sensations of fear and pain were fleeting then forever gone.

The horror on the faces of everyone that day is something else I shall always remember. The pain and anguish of our nation has unfortunately been replaced by many citizens in a very sad manner with greed and materialism. This lack of perspective by those souls, the shunting away of patriotism and the evil term of “nationalism” was viewed as a political opportunity by some, a moneymaking opportunity by others. Instead of bonding our society closer together into the original brotherhood of men that our founding fathers intended, we splintered back into our tribes much like before this fateful date. This mistake shall forever haunt us. This self-indulgent spate of political correctness and materialism, now used to replace family and piety, will dim the hopes of our future unless we start to remember and mark this date as a turning point in our history. Alas, my fears are that we shall not.

Remember the fallen of that day and those who have fallen since. Remember that these souls no longer have the freedom to make choices to unify our nation, only silence until the moment we meet them again. This war was not started by America, Europe or “The West” as it goes deep into history and we are just the latest power to be it’s target. The war which for centuries has been ongoing between the Islamist movement originated on September 11, 1683 as the Battle of Vienna began. The Ottoman Empire was repelled and the expansionist dreams of the “Religion of Peace” put into reverse and decline for centuries to follow. This bitter pill has not been forgotten by the Islamist movement and they have sworn to avenge the reversal of the expansion of their conquest of the world. This bitter sentiment was taught and spoken to generation after generation of Islamic children in schools until the story so perverted; the hate became a permanently imbedded ideal in the peasant classes of their societies. But then in the modern era, the acquisition of great wealth has allowed this idea to be ingrained in Islamist movements worldwide, and the focus of evil has rotated from the British, to Soviets, to now, us. This date shall forever be marked by the radicals of the Islamist movement, and another student of history, one Osama Bin Laden, plans to train his followers and those of his sect that the evil he commits shall know no bounds as long as their goals are achieved.

Remember that today, like all days, is a day to show love for your family. Remember that this day, another marker in history, is a date that shall live in infamy. Remember this date as it is like no other, winding it’s way through history and impacting our lives. Remember so you are prepared for their next action, and most of all, remember to pray for salvation and guidance in these troubled times.

Remember, because our enemies will never forget until we are vanquished.


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