By John Galt

August 5, 2007
At approximately 2:47 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, on Friday August 3, 2007, an individual who used to control billions of investment dollars went nuts on the air. Not insane mind you, because his pleas were not totally unrealistic. Oh the begging was pathetic, the insults directed at “Helicopter Ben” and Bill “Shallow end of” Poole were flung without consideration (wait a second, did I just do that too?), nay, this was far greater than a personal admission of sorrow to suck someone into loaning money, er, giving money to the investment banksters. This was a full fledged begfest to keep the bull market going because a lot of Cramer’s friends were still trying to get out of the markets before the crash hit, and he did not want to see them hurt. Yet as we proceed into Monday’s fiasco still brewing, there was a crash, a burn, and a flaming fiasco not widely covered. Gee, I wonder if it makes the Bubblevision radar screen on Monday.

That’s right, reach into your wallet, pocket or purse. Pull out a dollar bill. Tear it in half. Then again. And again. And again. Now you’re getting close to the results of 94 years of a central bank tyranny where twelve individuals who have no business dictating the ebb and flow of America’s economic future have left you, the individual. The insanity of a central banking system, where our Constitution never planned nor called for one, is just now about to hit home. The weakness our Founding Fathers feared from such a system being corrupted by political influence instead of balanced economic policy has been obvious to many of us for a long time, but soon, very soon, will flash into the hearts and 401K statements of the American public. We broke our trust with the Founding Fathers in 1913 and the consequence of these actions will be horrific. Many souls still trust their local bankster, but alas, they are handcuffed by their relationship with the Fed and their corporate masters speculating with their futures on a daily basis on Wall Street.

If you are foolish enough to believe that the historical perspective on current economic events is an irrelevant view of the markets and geopolitical events, then alas, you must also believe that Persia was just a feature in an Abbott and Costello feature film and that gold is just a chain in a rap video. Those who have watched the historical record of credit bubbles and stuffed every available dime into precious metals are about to be rewarded just as those hearty souls in Germany did the same in 1919. The consequences of a fiat currency policy with the extremely poor judgment of using the BLS and other government instruments to color the numbers will result in an eventual hyperinflationary disaster to finally pay the bills that are due.

America will be a changed place as a result and I am afraid none of us will like the view from Main Street, USA. While those of us who believed that you can not live every day in Disneyland like there is no tomorrow will survive and flourish, the sad part is that we will all carry a burden of sadness as our Republic begins to fail. The geopolitical stage has been changed and the irrelevance of America on the world stage will be exploited by decades old enemies who want nothing more than revenge. The truly sad statement will be watching the elderly and unprepared flounder in this brave new world. The price of living is about to triple, yet the ability to increase their incomes will fail to keep pace. The issues before us are so grave, so disastrous, that I hesitate to think what will happen when the terrorists exploit our own ineptitude.

You had best have the ability to live and barter off your supply of gold, silver, fuel, and more.

Everything, and I mean everything, is about to get short in supply.

Including the sanity of the average American.


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