American Irrelevancy

by John Galt

August 3, 2007

What if one morning, the world woke up and said “hey, we don’t need America any longer” and it became the new reality? That morning may well be starting not just in a geopolitical sense of the idea, but economically as well. The pomposity of our self-importance that we assign to every activity, every event, and every financial decision is being whittled away on a daily basis. The nations of the world are tired of our meddling both politically and economically. I know what I am saying is considered blasphemy in the circles of power and elitism. After all, we have our centurions deployed in over 100 nations and active combat in dozens of those nations. Yet there is more to this than just marching into a nation, proclaiming democracy and imposing neo-capitalism on their economy.

The American people were dragged into World War II because the Japanese and Germans really were not the brightest souls when it came to manipulating the geopolitical chess board. If they had left us isolated through 1943, odds are the world would be a far different place today, but that’s a debate for us history geeks. The American led victory in World War II was a crowning achievement but it left our nation almost bankrupt from the mobilization of our economy and the cost of the fighting. The corporatocracy of the time and the political leadership agreed on one key fact; that communism was the great threat and we needed to get reimbursed for the years of fighting and war footing we were buried in. Eisenhower warned about the great collusion between industry and the military, yet his warnings went unheeded. The expansion of the military throughout the postwar period was seen as an opportunity by the ruling class to expand America’s horizons and influence into a permanent world wide dominance. The theories of the 1960’s were implemented and the economies of the world were merged at gunpoint in some cases and economic blackmail in others. The result is the mess that we have on our hands today, where people who are patriots or “nationalists” for their respective nations are given the tag of “nutcase” or “subversive” to cause disdain to be showered upon them by the politically correct Marxist sheep. The culmination of decades of this re-writing of history and merging of nation-states into unions and economic blocs is now upon us. And the American people have given every indication that they are not ready to join.

And what does this brief, and I do mean summarized, version of the last fifty years have to do with our soon to be irrelevant status on the world stage? Take a look at the big picture. The corporate class has seen the handwriting on the wall and left the American stage. They have relocated trillions of dollars in plant operations and office operations overseas. They know the entirety of our foolishness with the national debt in excess of sixty one trillion dollars and the personal debt of the average citizen trying to catch up to that number. The dollar is not just declining due to “technical” factors it is in decline because people can smell a bad investment when it’s rotting on the beach like a dead school of fish during red tide. The communist bloc, recently re-invigorated thanks to our own stupidity, is rebuilding it’s political and military structures at a frightening pace, yet we deny it’s existence so as not to offend our trading partners! The people who honestly think that we can keep this going without consequences are the fools. The big money is leaving our shores. The political situation in our nation is as absurd as it was in 1929 and careening into a crisis just like the idiots did in 1859. And the lack of personal responsibility and moral structure of the citizens will be the final nail in our cross.

The world is realizing they no longer need America. They do not need or want the aggravation of our banksters, do not want or need the technology since we’ll sell it to them along with the means to manufacture it, and have gotten sick and tired of our “do it our way or else” attitude we have tried to shove down their throats since the late 1980s, and even more so in the last seventeen years. The economic blocs are being formed to isolate their nations, their people, their trading partners from the loss of American hegemony. The political and military alliances are in place to prevent our influence from impacting their decision to end the great American sphere of influence. Soon, and sadly very soon, the day is coming when we get zinged again by the forces of radical Islam and this time, our reaction will trigger the world leaving us behind. I pray for my readers and fans that you are prepared for that day that America is alone again in the world. Because the shelves at your local Wally World might be quite empty as the only currency we have worthy to offer will be evaporated from Fort Knox in a very short order.

Get silver, gold and lots of lead.

In the years to come, you will need it.


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