Blame B*rry B*nds

July 26, 2007

By John Galt

And with the close of the markets today all I can debate to say is “wow” or “and you never read my old stuff did you?” THis is not just a start of something big, but a flashing red signal. But to blame the economic Gods for today’s action is just not right. No, I’ve assumed a greater degree of personal responsibility. I, the one and only JohnGaltFla, have figured out who is responsible for everything wrong with our stock markets, American morals, the war in Iraq and of course, why the broker is calling your house tonight to advise that they made a mistake with your retirement program.

Damn that evil B*rry B*nds.

You see, this clown deserves the asterisk wherever he is mentioned. He is about to break the record of one Henry Aaron and having met Hammering Hank, let me tell you something B*rry; you are no Hank Aaron. B*rry has come to represent everything wrong with current day America. He could not achieve this goal on his own God given talents so he cheated(allegedly). He uses chemicals (allegedly) to get ahead in life. As he surpasses Hank’s long held record, I shall simply mark it as a footnote date in American history. The problem is not B*rry. It is the mentality. Which has overtaken our nation and provides the 1929 parallel basis for where we are heading.

American citizens are always looking for easy street. B*rry has illustrated the path to that success. Of course, we can not blame politicians or business leaders because we did not trust them to begin with. Hell, the only difference between a stock broker and used car salesman in my book is that used car salemen only rip off little old ladies every two or three years, not daily. The sad fact is that that group of wayward souls who proclaimed themselves the economic guides for two full generations of retiring Americans that they would “make sure they will have a happy retirement” has betrayed them and their children in the name of the almighty dollar.

This could easily be dismissed as just another isolated incident. But no, it is a train of thought which permeates Wall Street, D.C. and Main Street; the whatever it takes to make money off everyone else’s hard work mentality. Those days are soon over. The nightmare of our own creation, the hero warship of the circus clowns on television shall soon come home to roost. Those who have listened to the clarion call of folks trying to warn you that the Emperor’s New Clothes are pretty danged scary will be fine. However the other ninety-five percent are well, toast. So the mentality of one is reflected in many. Thus why I blame this one moron for all of our economic, political and moral problems.

Damn you B*rry.


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